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Don’t worry, you won’t have to endure Call of Duty’s cringe approach to Modern Warfare 3 leaks much longer

Call of Duty's attempts at countering Modern Warfare 3 leaks are very 'how do you do, fellow kids', but an end is in sight.

You have to feel for social media managers who now have to deal with game leaks. Before, big companies used to simply pretend they didn't happen, and only used their social media to propagate the official messages. These days, however, they're a little more willing to appear "hip"/"with it" and engage in the discourse.

Call of Duty is one such brand, of course, and after a series of Modern Warfare 3 leaks - most recently with an energy drink revealing the game's keyart, Activision has started embracing the chaos and chiming in following every new leak to keep the conversation focused.

The most recent attempt is also its most cringe-worthy, but we're willing to forgive it because it may have actually offered some new piece of information.

"Jokes on you, real key art here," Call of Duty's official Twitter account tweeted in a post that featured a mock-up of a game keyart. Since the Modern Warfare 3 name has yet to be officially announced, the cover instead went with "Modern Warfare Redacted" at the top of a stick figure holding a gun.

The news, however, is that we may actually get something new next week. "We’ll share our artistic abilities and even more next week," the Tweet said. Some are hoping that means the official reveal of Modern Warfare 3 is taking place next week, but we're betting it's going to be a short teaser instead.

Since it's already been confirmed that the Modern Warfare 3 reveal will happen in Warzone as part of an in-game event, we'd have to refer to dataminers here, and they suggest that's going to be two weeks from now - on August 17.

Regardless, we're closer than ever now to getting some actual details about Call of Duty 2023. The game is said to be developed by Sledgehammer Games, having reportedly started life as a major expansion to last year's Modern Warfare 2, before Activision realised its entire business hinges on Call of Duty so it probably can't afford to miss a year, and decided to turn it into a full premium release.

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