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Summer Game Fest is streaming at 4K 60fps this year, and everyone is making the same joke

Also, Sony looks like it's given up trying to convince people to play stuff at 8K resolution on the PS5.

Geoff Keighley saying a thing at Summer Game fest 2023.
Image credit: The Game Awards

Good news, fans of Geoff Keighley's beautiful eyes. The Summer Game Fest stream on June 7 will run at 4K and 60fps this year, because gaming, baby. Though, the announcement of that has spawned a lot of chuckling, for reasons you can probably imagine.

"Our YouTube Livestream for #SummerGameFest will run live in 4K 60 fps this year," the Keighleyman tweeted last night, shouting out what seems to be being pushed as a big first for the show. Then came the sniggering. Why'd it come? Well, because of the fact that a lot of games that've come out on various different consoles recently have struggled to meet this same marks.

"This confirms no Nintendo Switch games at the event," industry analyst Daniel Ahmad joked in a quote tweet, adding: "To be fair though, if we apply the same logic, it also implies most PS5 and Xbox Series games won't be shown either lol."

You can add that to folks in the replies to Geoff's tweet casually asking if raytracing will be enabled, whether they should wait for a remaster/remake that'll support 120 fps, and quipping that it might onely run at 30 fps on hardware that lacks a performance mode. Personally, I think it's good that the latter two cases are folks seemigly keeping their expectations in check.

One thing that it definitely seems like we won't be seeing at the show is any PS5 games running in 8K resolution, with sony now seemingly having quietly done way with the mention of 8K support that'd long been emblazoned on the console's packaging. It looks like some boxes in retail circulation still rock the 8K bit, but PlayStation's Direct store is full of the revised kind

So, unless you're playing The Touryst, your 8K PS5 gaming dreams look pretty dead. Don't worry, we're all taking the realisation that an 8K 60 fps playthrough of a game that you really - desperately in fact - need a high frame rate for in order to really embrace the minute-to-minute reaction times and photorealism isn't happening. Sorry, fellow Pentiment fans.

Anyway, stay tuned for plenty of Summer Game Fest coverage from us when the show's live in all that 8K 60 fps glory.

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