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Looks like Xbox is making Halo: Combat Evolved again, but this time it might also come to PS5

A fresh remaster is reportedly in the works.

Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
Image credit: Xbox/343 Industries

Another remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved looks to be in the works, and - close your eyes if you've attatched your happiness to a certain green brand in a rather unhealthy manner - could be in consideration for a release on PS5, in what would be a pretty noteworthy moment for a series that's long been considered one of Xbox's hallmark exclusives.

This is according to a report from The Verge's Tom Warren, who writes that this new Combat Evolved remaster is in the early stages of its development right now.

The report goes on to suggest that it's one of the games under consideration for a PS5 release as part of Microsoft's new strategy of actually bringing some of the titles it'd previously have held on to as exclusives to the consoles of direct competitors. You know, the likes of Nintendo and Sony. The internal name for this game plan, according to Warren, is "Project Latitude".

Of course, Xbox has already kicked off its multi-platform efforts, having brought the likes of Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and Sea of Thieves to PS5 and/or Nintendo Switch earlier this year, following that weird podcast thing about its strategy after everyone got a bit concerned due to some rumours.

That said, it is important to note that - in line with what was said by Phil Spencer and co back in February, Warren's report suggests Xbox won't be bringing all of its games to PS5.

Assuming it it is being worked on, this isn't the first time Halo: Combat Evolved is getting the remaster treatment, with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary having dropped back in 2011 and since made its way into The Master Chief Collection, which brought a bunch of the green armoured bloke's classic adventures together in one big package.

While this remaster doesn't sound like it'll be part of the stuff Xbox will feature at its showcase this weekend, make sure to check in with us on June 9 for plenty of coverage of what the green brand does wheel out during that broadcast.

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