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Yes, a Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow, so of course everyone's talking about Xbox again

Oh, and there’s also a Pokemon Presents coming next week, which is cool.

The Nintendo Switch logo next to the Xbox logo.
Image credit: VG247/Nintendo/Xbox

Hello there. It’s now been announced that we’re set for a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, February 21, so naturally a lot of people have reacted to that by turning expectant gazes towards Microsoft. Well, aside from fans of Hollow Knight: Silksong, who’re just contemplating what Vaas said in Far Cry 3.

Yep, after Xbox’s update on its multi-platform plans via a snappy little podcast last week, we’re now getting the Nintendo showcase that’d been rumoured to be happening around the same time as Phil Spencer’s chat. What will we see? Well, naturally, a lot of the speculation surrounds the games people reckon are part of that mysterious group of four Xbox games headed to different consoles.

In case you’ve got your calendar at the ready, this Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase will be beaming out via YouTube at 2PM GMT/9AM ET/6AM PT on February 21, 2024. What’s in store, well Nintendo says it’s: “around 25 mins of info focused on Nintendo Switch games coming in the first half of 2024 from our publishing and development partners.”

So, at least we know how long we’ll be sitting there this time. What are folks expecting? Well, taking a look at ResetEra, if you fancy a tough drinking game, you might want to take a shot every time you see someone mention Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment or Sea of Thieves on social media over the next 24 hours or so (just to be clear, we don’t actually endorse doing that).

You can also add Hollow Knight: Silksong to the list of things people want to see, although the grizzled veterans over on that game’s subreddit are already preparing to feel silly if it doesn’t show up. Hey, it’s now been five years since Silksong was initially announced, so who can forgive folks for still holding out hope every time they see a Direct announcement.

While you’re here, there’s also something to look forward to next week, thanks to a Pokemon Presents broadcast that’ll feature some “exciting Pokémon news in celebration of #PokemonDay 2024”. That one’ll be happening via Pokemon’s YouTube channel at 2PM GMT/9AM ET/6AM PT on February 27.

If you feel like leaning into the barrage of Xbox title mentions, you can read why we think you should be excited if Pentiment does end up coming to Switch.

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