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Stray Computer Plug Socket Puzzle Solution: Where to find all four plug sockets

Here's your way out of The Flat and into The Slums in Stray.

As you jump into Stray, a neon-soaked landscape that's miles away from sunlight awaits you, but you'll have to navigate your way around Dead City and The Flat first. While most of this is straight-forward, the cat-sized task at hand may be a little tricky without the help of B-12.

Once you make your way into The Flat, the next action to take may not seem so obvious. Before you know it, you've circled the same flat five times and have knocked over every mug or book in the process. What exactly does that big computer screen need help with, anyway?

Well, that big computer screen is your way out of here. However, you'll need to help them out a tad first by acquiring some plugs and doing a little legwork. Without further ado, here's where to find all four computer plug sockets in The Flat in Stray.

Where to find all four computer plug sockets in The Flat in Stray

Once you first enter The Flat in Stray, you’ll soon find an incredibly large computer screen that is in need of help. This is your first hurdle, so to speak, as you’re probably wondering ‘how do I help them?’.

It’s simple. Jump atop the keyboard that sits in front of the screen, and in typical cat fashion, start hammering away at the keys with your paws. Sure enough, whoever is on the other side of the computer screen responds. Keep typing (three times in total) until they’ve opened the door behind you.

The Outsider, a cat, looks at a large computer screen in need of help in The Flats, Stray.
The big screen in question.

Go into the newly opened room, and the door will close behind you. This dim room is packed with computer equipment, and four computers need powering if you wish to escape The Flat and progress with Stray.

The plugs are marked by a bright white light, but some are incredibly obscured from vision. Here’s exactly where to find all four of them, so you can make your exit!

The first of the four plug sockets in Stray can be found attached to some equipment on the table in the middle of the room.

The Outsider, a cat, looks at a desk with a plug on it in The Flats, Stray.
The first plug is plugged into the PC here.

For the second plug, jump atop the stool by the shelves. From here, jump atop the shelves and move the items at the top by walking into them. You’ll find the second plug here!

The Outsider, a cat, stands atop a huge book shelf with a plug on it in The Flats, Stray.
The next plug is by a box on top of this shelf.

On the other side of the room, jump on the lever to move the computer along. Once the computer has moved, a plug at the bottom of it is revealed.

The Outsider, a cat, looks at a small computer on wheels with a plug in it in The Flats, Stray.
You can pull the third plug from this TV.

Last, but not least, once the computer has finished moving, you’ll be able to jump on top of it and onto the nearby shelf. The fourth and final plug is here.

The Outsider, a cat, sits atop a large shelf and beside a plug in The Flats, Stray.
The final plug is up in this corner!

Now that you’ve dealt with the computer and found the four plugs, your exit is revealed, hidden behind the bookshelves. You’re not completely out of The Flat just yet, but you’re not far off! Fortunately, your route from here is straight forward, and you won’t be alone either…

The next portion of escaping The Flat should be straight forward, however, here's some help just in case.

In the newly revealed room, climb atop the shelf on the left and knock over the box that is labelled B-12. The small robot will drop out of the box and onto the floor.

Pick up the bot and take it back to the original room. By the computers that you just powered, there is a yellow illuminated surface to place the bot on.

The Outsider, a cat, places B-12 down on an illuminated platform to be powered up in Stray.
Drop B-12 down on here to have them powered up!

Once powered, follow B-12 to collect the key from the pinboard.

Now, advance into the next room and use the key on the red dial beside the huge computer screen from earlier. At long last, welcome to The Slums!

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