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Someone's added a giant Terrormorph boss made of gold to Starfield, and it looks pretty hilarious to fight

Hey, is it really a tough boss if it isn't level 200 and prone to disappearing through the Earth's surface?

A giant golden Terrormorph boss in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/InquisitorOverhaulsReturn

If you’ve found Starfield’s universe to be a bit too boring for your tastes then I’ve got good news - a modder’s had a go at adding a giant golden Terrormorph boss fight to it that looks like it’s anything but that.

Yes, while a lot of modders are largely sticking with the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim now we’re at the point where it seems like Starfield’s Creation Kit probably needs to arrive before people can really start trying to unleash its full modding potential, some devoted folks are still working on or planning interesting mods for it in the interim. One of these definitely looks like a fun reason to pay a visit to Earth, if nothing else.

This is the point where I introduce you to the “Hephaestus Hound”, the latest creation of modder InquisitorOverhaulsReturn. Yes, it’s a giant Terrormorph boss with solid gold skin, that you can find just chilling near the Cairo landmark on Starfield’s version of Earth. Why's it got golden skin? Greek mythology is the answer.

What’s it like to fight, you ask? Well, the answer so far seems to be interesting, in just about every sense of the word.

As you can see in the showcase video from the modder themselves below, it’s level 200, prone to burrowing below the ground in pretty hilarious fashion, and can kill you in one hit. Think something like Elden Ring’s Malenia, but with a shovel and movement that’s about as graceful as a Great Dane on ice.

A challenge, to be sure, unless it glitches out and either loses part of its massive supply of health or somehow ends up jumping very high in the air and dies instantly as soon as it hits the ground, as some folks in mod’s comments have reported.

Regardless, it sounds and looks like you’re in for something interesting when you touch down on Earth with your slightly boring little spaceship (ok, if you’re one of the people who built one shaped like a hotdog or a truck, this bit doesn’t apply to you), your slightly boring little space suit, and your slightly boring little gun.

Now, all that said, I do want to note, as someone who’d be totally out of their depth trying to develop any kind of mod, let alone something fairly complex like this, anyone who’s modding pre-Creation Kit Starfield genuinely gets my respect for their efforts. InquisitorOverhaulsReturn’s even made some nice unique rewards you can grab if you beat it, no matter whether that happens how it’s supposed to or not.

Speaking of Starfield, reports have suggested it could be one of the games Xbox is considering bringing to PS5 at some point down the line, as part of that rumoured strategy shift Phil Spencer’s planning to address next week.

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