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Starfield may soon have fighter jets you can fly and store in your ship, thanks to modders

The United Colonies politely requests that you cease buzzing New Atlantis’ tower.

The player sitting in the cockpit of a ship in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

While Starfield’s Creation Kit is still yet to drop, it seems like a lot of modders have come into 2024 ready to start planning out and working on some very complex projects. The latest of these is a mod that aims to add flyable Top Gun-style fighter jets to the game.

While Bethesda hasn’t been shy about sharing the big plans it has in terms of updates and additions to its interstellar RPG in 2024, the game’s modding community seems like it isn’t content just waiting to see what those promised new modes of transport look like. Then again, when you’ve seen your peers messing around with mechs and tanks, deciding to have a crack at making an F22 spaceship might be the obvious path.

Yes, as they’ve shown off via a post on the subreddit r/Starfieldmods, a group of modders going by the name ‘Tau Ceti Voidworks’ have started working on a mod that aims to bring flyable and customisable fighter jet-style ships to the game. “Having small fighter craft in the game seems to be quite the popular request,” writes one of the group’s members, modder Deantendo, “We know we'd enjoy it, too. So we've decided to add it to our list of projects.”

They emphasised that the mod - which looks like its goal is to give players the chance to outfit their full-size ship with a “docking hangar” that’ll house a smaller F22-inspired craft designed for dogfighting - is still in the “very early stages” of development at this point. As Deantendo explains, the group still faces a bunch of “basic, but challenging questions” regarding its plans, including how to accomplish making the fighter jet ships customisable and whether creating the aforementioned hangar will even be possible.

In terms of the former, the modder added: “The modularity has been a big part of the process so far. Sure, [having the jets be fairly limited build-wise would] make it easier to deal with, but then I - being the Blender guy - would be under pressure to make designs so good that people wouldn't want fully custom fighters.”

So, we’ll just have to wait and see where this interesting project ends up going. While it seems like a pretty big step up from the House Va’ruun weapon mods Tau Ceti Voidworks has released so far, it’d be a very cool addition to the game if it can be pulled off.

Odds are it’ll be quite a while before you can start cosplaying as a Starborn Tom Cruise in Starfield, assuming this mod even gets that far, so you’ve got plenty of time to continue exploring the cosmos in search of obscure creatures.

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