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Ahead of Microsoft's summer Xbox presentation, the Steam backend suggests something big is brewing in Starfield

Perhaps a sneaky little shadow drop?

Starfield key art of the player character in a spacesuit, a star map in the background with a spaceship blasting off.
Image credit: Bethesda

Microsoft's summer Xbox presentation is soon upon us, and the Steam backend is pointing towards a big Starfield update.

It's June, which means it's Christmas for gamers, if your Christmas is essentially unwrapping a bunch of cut out ads from the newspaper showing a thing you really want, but it's not actually the thing you want because it's not out. There's Summer Game Fest on Friday, a Nintendo Direct is surely set to be announced soon, and this Sunday will see the latest Xbox showcase, which promises to immediately follow-up with a Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 dedicated presentation. And as spotted by Reddit user JarusinTheStars on the official Starfield subreddit (thanks, TheGamer), there have been quite a few updates on the Bethesda game's backend (via SteamDB), suggesting a big update could be on the way.

Something big is going on behind the scenes: there are more changelog changes than ever before since launch.
byu/JarusinTheStars inStarfield

"It's pointless trying to decipher the changelogs on Steamdb, but one thing is certain from experience: when there are a lot of changes, something big is coming," JarusinTheStars wrote in their Reddit post. " And over the past week (and more generally since May 1st), there have been more changes than ever since launch, sometimes more than 10 per day. For example, there were around 50-60 changes between the February and March updates. And around 100 between the March and May updates. We've almost surpassed that figure in less than a month."

There's obviously no details on what might be coming in such an update, SteamDB doesn't quite work that way, but with this many changes, and an Xbox presentation on the way, it does feel safe to assume there is an update on the way. The RPG's first expansion, Shattered Space, is set to arrive later this year too, so maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a first look at that too.

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