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Starfield alien-hunters claim to log 200+ unique creatures, about five times more than Fallout 4

Surely there’s one cat or dog in there, right?

An alien creature in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

A group of dedicated Starfield alien hunters claims to have located and photographed over 200 unique creatures while exploring the cosmos, a number that’s pretty breathtaking in comparison to other Bethesda games if accurate.

Given how vast the game’s world is (1000 planets, anyone) it’s not surprising that it would have a lot more wildlife packed into it than a post-apocalyptic wasteland or a single fantasy province, but the number being quoted here would put it into truly uncharted territory. Leave it to Facebook to house some potentially cutting-edge research, I guess.

The group that claims to have turned over every rock in the cosmos to see what crawls underneath goes by the name ‘Creatures of Starfield’ and serves a hub dedicated to “capturing the beauty and diversity of the creatures that inhabit the cosmos”. Recently, the group’s head honcho, Alex Kushner, who goes by the Reddit username blazer380, has taken to the Starfield subreddit to share an image collage they claim shows “all 209 Starfield creatures photographed and located”.

“As of right now this is the only place on the internet that has all the creatures photographed and located,” they declared, suggesting that “209 unique creatures with 646 variants” are out there for players to discover. If accurate, these numbers would be pretty out of this world, with Fallout 4 and its DLC boasting just 43 unique types of creature for you to encounter.

For further reference, the base version of Skyrim features something in the region of 1000 unique NPCs, if you include named dragons, animals and daedra.

One Starfield wiki I consulted puts the number of current known Starfield fauna with unique names at 106, meaning that if the group’s findings are accurate, they’ve managed to find around double the amount of aliens recorded there. It’s a truly titanic achievement if true, especially given that the group has only formally existed since December 22, 2023.

That said, it sounds like blazer380’s cataloguing work may well have been underway before they began sharing it, with the user saying: “I know people will hate on [Facebook], but it was the only place for me to easily keep track and upload without having to create a whole website for [this].”

For now, unless you want to scroll all the way back through and check that the 228 posts that’ve gone live in the group over the past month contain the unique creature number specified, I’d take this with a grain of salt. Regardless, it undoubtedly serves as pretty good inspiration to get out there and explore Starfield’s final frontier.

Cataloguing cool creatures isn’t the only thing Starfield players have been working on recently, with one modder aiming to give people the chance to pilot working mechs, while another has brought Destiny 2’s Exos to the Settled Systems as a custom race.

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