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Explore Starfield as your Exo Destiny 2 Guardian thanks to this new mod

Hey, maybe you’ll fit in better in the rather synthetic-feeling world of Bethesda’s RPG as an Exo.

One of Destiny 2's Exos in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/ExoWarlock313

If you think the one big thing missing from Starfield is a touch of Bungie shooter magic (ok, you probably don’t, but bear with me), a new mod that adds Destiny 2’s Exos to it as a playable race is definitely worth checking out.

Yes, that’s right, someone’s decided to give you the means to have a pop at re-creating your Guardian in a fresh universe and taking them on a new adventure that’s a bit less likely to end with you cursing the fact you can’t shoot quite as accurately as your mates. If nothing else, your unquenchable thirst for loot will definitely come in handy in the Settled Systems.

The mod in question is the fittingly-named ExoWarlock313’s ‘Exo Playable Race’, which, as you might have gleaned from the name, adds Exos to the game as a new default character race, with help from Expired6978’s ‘CharGenMenu’. You won’t just be stuck with a generic semi-humanoid robot bloke either, with the modder having striven to offer you a number of ways to customise your Exo that you might find in Destiny 2’s own character creator.

For example, there are 14 different base face presets to choose from - seven male, seven female - all of which can then be outfitted with an array of different accessories and decals which come in a pretty impressive array of colours that you can pick between. You can also pick which hue the lights that make up your character’s eyes and teeth will adopt.

The new race also comes with some unique practical traits to help you roleplay as an Exo, including “the ability to survive the vacuum without a spacesuit or helmet” thanks to your synthetic body and some buffs to how well you can resist a number of types of damage.

Though, not being a sack of skin does have one fairly big drawback, in the form of being “more susceptible to electromagnetic damage with -25 EM resist”, which will make it possible for enemies to render you out of action for minutes at a time if they hit you the right way with an EM weapon, such as a Novablast Disruptor.

While you might find that sections of exposed flesh look a bit weird when wearing certain outfits, ExoWarlock313 says that the race is fully compatible with all of Starfield’s spacesuits, helmets and backpacks.

If you’re keen to encounter some Exos as you travel the cosmos, you can also grab another recently released mod from the same author, ‘Exo Race NPCs’, which swaps out some of Starfield’s NPCs out for Exos that resemble their default appearance.

Fans of robotic additions to Starfield will also be glad to learn that a modder is busy working on adding pilotable mechs that you can use to stomp around planets to Bethesda's RPG.

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