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Mark your calendars, scoundrels! Ubisoft's open-world Star Wars Outlaws sets course for a late August release on consoles and PC

May the August be with you (yes, I hate me for saying that too).

Ubisoft has announced the release date for Star Wars Outlaws, the upcoming open-world game from Massive Entertainment.

Alongside the release date, a trailer featuring a new look at the game is available.

Star Wars Outlaws is out August 30 - check out the new trailer.Watch on YouTube

Despite Ubisoft keeping the release window close to its chest for many months, we knew the game was set to release this year, thanks to Disney’s loose lips. Today though, after Ubisoft Japan's YouTube premiere page for the game one upped Disney and posted an August 30 release date for the title a bit early (thanks, Gematsu), Ubisoft went ahead and released the trailer and news on the date.

Ubisoft announced Star Wars Outlaws in 2021 before showing it off in June 2023 during the Xbox Showcase. It is set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and finds you exploring various planets - both familiar and new. During this era, the Empire’s rule is distracted by the rebellion that won’t quit, leading to a golden age for the underworld.

The first Star Wars video game to feature a fully open world, you play as the scoundrel Kay Vess (Humberly Gonzalez) who along with her companion Nix (Dee Bradley Baker), is looking to start a new life. As a skilled thief, Kay’s antics catch the attention of Sliro, the leader of a new, foreboding criminal syndicate Zerek Besh.

After Sliro places a bounty on Kay’s head, Kay and Nix are offered their one shot at freedom - pull off one of the greatest heists of all time. Kay and Nix will need to navigate the underworld across the galaxy, building their reputation with legendary criminal organizations including the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, the Ashiga Clan, and Crimson Dawn to earn the support they need to finish the job.

Kay and Nix will travel across the galaxy to gain the right resources and crew, and during their journey, they’ll travel across distinct locations, both iconic and new: Canto Bight, Kijimi, Tatooine, Akiva, and the windswept savannah of Toshara. Along the way, Kay will explore cities and cantinas, race across outdoor landscapes on her speeder, and pilot her ship the Trailblazer through the wilds of space. The Trailblazer will also help them chase, evade and attack to gain the upper hand in dogfights with the Empire and other foes.

You can also expect to engage in stealth and open combat, vehicle combat, and communicating through branching dialogue.

Star Wars Outlaws will be available through the Ubisoft Store and at retail at a suggested price of $69.99 for the base game. By subscribing to Ubisoft+ or purchasing the Gold or Ultimate Edition, you can also access the game up to three days early.

Standard Edition: Base game

Gold Edition ($109.99)

  • Base game
  • Season Pass (Includes 2 DLCs, the "Jabba's Gambit" exclusive mission at launch, and the "Kessel Runner Character Pack" cosmetic pack)
  • Up to three days early access

Ultimate Edition ($129.99)

  • Base game
  • Season Pass (Includes 2 DLCs, the "Jabba's Gambit" exclusive mission at launch and the "Kessel Runner Character Pack" cosmetic pack)
  • Sabacc Shark Bundle: includes cosmetics for Kay, her blaster, Nix, Kay’s Speeder, and the "Trailblazer" spaceship
  • Rogue Infiltrator Bundle: includes cosmetics for Kay, Nix, Kay’s speeder, and the "Trailblazer"
  • Digital art book: A selection of the game's concept art and visuals, including unique cinematic storyboards
  • Up to three days early access

If you pre-order now, you'll receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack including cosmetics for your speeder and The Trailblazer starship.

Star Wars Outlaws is set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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