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Spider-Man: Miles Morales reportedly comes with a remastered version of the PS4 game

The confusion about what Spider-Man: Miles Morales is and what it comes with continues.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales may yet include an upgraded version of the base PS4 game. The news this time comes from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine (327), as spotted by Reddit user 77good123.

In a special feature about PS5 games and the June games event, the magazine states that Miles Morales comes bundled with a remastered version of Spider-Man.

"Miles Morales isn't a traditional sequel, since it comes bundled with a remastered version of Insomniac's Spider-Man that takes full advantage of the PS5 hardware," it reads.

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Sony has not explicitly said whether or not Miles Morales comes with a remastered version of the main game, just that it's a new story with a new hero in the same city. It's possible that has been the plan all along (to be announced at a later date, perhaps). Another likely explanation is that Game Informer could have been confused by the poorly-worded statement a Sony executive made following the event.

A statement developer Insomniac later clarified, confirming that Miles Morales is a standalone game. Obviously, this doesn't preclude the existence of a bundle with the base game, possibly as a way to sweeten the deal or justify the $60 price tag.

It is, however, worth keeping in mind that work on the Game Informer July issue had to be done early in June, so some of the information may simply be out of date. We've asked Sony to clarify.

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