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Sony is reportedly looking at making another acquisition, and this time it involves Halo

Ah yes, thinking about buying big things, we definitely don't see much of that from companies nowadays.

Master Chief in Paramount+'s Halo series.
Image credit: VG247/Paramount

Sony, yes, the company behind PlayStation, is reportedly considering making a bid to buy Paramount, the massive media that currently has the likes of Nickelodeon and MTV, as well as Paramount Pictures and Paramount+ - though you might well have been able to guess those latter two - under its umbrella.

This is according to reports from The New York Times and Bloomberg, which claim that Sony and an investment firm called Apollo Global Management, are considering making a joint offer to acquire Paramount, though no such proposal has actually been submitted as of yet. Both add that Paramount is currently still in exclusive talks with another company Skydance Media, about a potential merger.

The addition of Sony to the process would seemigly make Paramount less concerned about the cash behind any bid, with this being cited as a concern it had with a previous $26 billion bid from Apollo on its own, thanks to the gaming giant's "deep pockets".

While it looks like nothing's close to being set in stone yet in terms of this bid, Sony does already have a bunch of clout in the Film and TV sectors, some of which has influenced its gaming exploits - Spider-Man studio Colombia Pictures is the obvious example - though it doesn't have a big streaming service at its disposal.

Were a Sony deal with Apollo for Paramount to happen, we would possibly end up with a bit of a funny situation, owing to the fact that Paramout+ is the current home of the Halo TV series, which has relatively recently aired its second season. That earned a better reception than the first series, which generally proved a bit polarising.

Though, to be clear, Sony wouldn't be buying the Halo IP itself, which is still very much a Microsoft thing, with 343 Industries - an Xbox Game Studio - being its current custodian and actually working in association with Showtime Networks to produce the Paramount+ show.

Sony would also be able to enjoy raking in some cash from the likes of Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and, assuming Nickelodeon would come along, SpongeBob SquarePants. There's three franchises that I'm sure have similar audiences.

Who knows what'll actually end up happening with all of this corporate chess, but hey, it's a thing.

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