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Sonic shatters worlds in this Netflix teaser for Sonic Prime

You bring it, he breaks it.

Netflix has released an extended teaser trailer for Sonic Prime, the 3D animated Sonic the Hedgehog show coming to the streaming service.

Our first look at the series was just a few seconds long, as the Blue Blur only popped up at the end of a promo clip. This time out, we get around 40 seconds of Sonic.

Sonic Prime Extended Teaser Trailer

Announced in February as a collaboration between SEGA, WildBrain Studio (Carmen Sandiego, Ninjago), and Man of Action Entertainment (Marvel's Avengers Assemble, Big Hero 6), the 3D animated series will consist of 24 episodes full of introspection and discovery for Sonic.

Apparently, a run-in between him and Dr. Eggman results in a "literal universe-shattering event." In an attempt to put his prime reality back together, Sonic will enter the Shatterverse, a universe full of strange worlds and new friends.

This new adventure features a reinvented cast and Sonic is "like you’ve never seen him before." With the multiverse resting in his gloved hands, his adventure will be about more than saving the universe from Dr. Eggman and his badnik robots, but it's a race to save friends that he took for granted.

A firm date for Sonic Prime has not been provided, but it airs sometime this winter.

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