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Sonic? Yakuza? Persona? Sega wants to release a ‘super game’ in 2026

Just as we all forgot about the Quadruple A, SEGA drops this on us.

SEGA has declared its intention to release a 'super game' by March 2026, as seen in a recent SEGA Sammy business report. This is included in its plan to become a "Global Leading Contents Provider" by 2030. But what exactly does a super game mean?

In a slide detailing the future plans for SEGA's Entertainment Contents Business, the following information is shared on the mysterious project: "To achieve this goal and elevate the business to the next level, we are conducting R&D activities to create a “Super Game,” a major title that scales globally, by the fiscal year ending March 2026." So it's something new for the legendary Japanese developer tech-wise, at least.

Whether or not this super game is linked to existing SEGA IPs isn't entirely clear. On slide seven, the creation of a super game is listed separately from strengthening SEGA's established IP and proactive investment. On slide 20 you can read a brief description of what a super game is, next to a paragraph on SEGA's intent to revive some of dormant series. "As the name implies, a “Super Game” involves the concept of a game that stands head and shoulders above normal games. I encourage stakeholders to look forward to the fruit of our efforts, which include R&D to create a game that builds a whole worldview involving the entire gaming ecosystem, including not only players but also streamers who stream the game and their viewers."

So if successful releases like Sonic Frontiers and Yakuza: Like a Dragon don't count as super games, what might fit the bill? If this project requires R&D work, it's safe to assume that it's outside of what the studio is currently producing genre-wise. The description provided above certainly implies a multiplayer experience, referencing streamers directly.

Taking a look at the most viewed Japanese language Twitch games, you see a lot of these sorts of experiences. Ark: Survival Evolved, GTAV, Valorant and League of Legends take the top four spots. The presentation does emphasize worldwide and western appeal - though the top-ranking games in English aren't much different.

For all the quality products SEGA has right now, there's nothing that really stands close to these games. It has Phantasy Star Online - but that games isn't exactly rocking the MMO world right now. It's all a big mystery, and one worth keeping an eye on. SEGA - in spite of its quality these days - can feel like a bit of a known quantity. This new super game, whatever it is, may just change that. That is unless it's a NFT game. God, can you imagine.

Give us your wildest predictions on what you think this is below!

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