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Silent Hill 2 combat reveal trailer shown off during Sony’s State of Play

Silent Hill 2's combat definitely looks to have come a long way.

Image credit: Konami

Sony’s State of Play aired today (January 31), showing off what the company has planned for the coming year. Surprising nobody whatsoever was another look at Death Stranding 2, but we did also finally get some more news on the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Sadly, however, Silent Hill fans didn't quite get as much as you'd have hoped for. Amidst other game trailers, a brief bit of combat gameplay from the Silent Hill 2 Remake was shown, and it was certainly short but sweet.

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While it's safe to say that I expected more news on the Silent Hill 2 Remake, which is currently being developed by Bloober Team, I can't complain about having a steady stream of Silent Hill-related content. And ultimately, the trailer - albeit action-packed - looked rather impressive, and combat has definitely evolved since 2001. I look forward to seeing more, but be sure to let us know what you think!

In addition to the fresh, new Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer, Silent Hill: Short Message also received a new trailer. Not only that, but the game is free-to-play, and was unexpectedly shadow-dropped on PlayStation during Sony's State of Play this evening.

It's not quite Silent Hill 2, but if you want your Silent Hill fix, you can go ahead and try the game for free right now.

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