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First person horror game Silent Hill Short Message is out right now for free on the PS5

A free-to-play first person horror game, get a taste of Silent Hill right now.

Silent Hill Short Message image
Image credit: Konami

Konami has just released a brand-new first person Silent Hill game called Silent Hill Short Memories on the PS5. It's totally free to download too, so get into it right now if you've got a hungar for some horror.

Announced during the Sony State of Play, this first person horror experience seems very PT-like, in that it's a first person experience where you as an as-of-yet unamed protagonist must navigate through a very spooky set of hallways and corridors. If you want to find out more about it, you'll have to try it out yourself!

This isn't the only bit of Silent Hill goodness shown off at the State of Play, but it certainly is a surprise! We already knew that about the Silent Hill 2 remake, as it had already been announced and was a likely guest for the show, but it's good to see Konami pushing the IP beyond just remaking old classics and pushing out rough choose-your-own adventure experiences.

Let us know what you think about it below! Will ou be giving it a try?

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