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Portal HoloLens AR demo probably too wonderful for we wretched human beasts ever to own

Portal in AR, via Microsoft HoloLens? Why isn't this happening in a way we can throw money at?

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HoloLens developer Kenny W is back with another side project, putting together a Portal AR demo which just looks wonderful. Too wonderful, really, since it's not something you can have right now, despite your fevered longing.

We want to play a Portal AR game very badly, but does one exist? No! Is Microsoft even now holding a boom box up under Valve's windows, begging for it to happen? Probably not! Is Valve bashing away at a Portal VR game in secret? Maybe, but since Valve releases games on Valve Time™ it probably won't come out till 2067! This state of affairs is terribly unsatisfying.

We recommend not watching the video above, which only fill you with envy for those who have a HoloLens and the skills to make them do interesting things, like fill the world with heartbreaking memories of your adventures with GlaDOS.

The same developer brought us the Pokemon HoloLens demo (equally delightful). If you enjoy these, you may also want to look at this Iron Man-like HoloLen UI streaming Gears of War on Xbox One.

Sometimes I get so mad that a beautiful AR and VR future is like, right there, just a few years out of reach, and I want it to be now. I also really want to play Portal again, but that at least is a thing I can do right now.

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