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Someone give me about £1500 so I can play Portal with fancy Nvidia RTX 40 Series graphics

Look, I’m a simple creature. I just want games to look spiffing marvelous.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read a single thing about what the new RTX 40 Series GPUs give us. I know they are going to cost over a grand and that there are two models of card coming, but that’s about it. I saw some tweets about AI and someone mentioned Morrowind, at which point our video producer Jim Trinca fell off his Star Trek chair.

I didn't know I needed this until today. Watch on YouTube

I don’t care about that stuff, although I hope Jim didn’t break his Babylon 5 models he bought a 3D printer to make. I care about Portal with RTX. My mind almost bled out my ears when I saw this reveal happen in front of my near-melted eyeballs. Not only does it look incredible, but I had a vision that this would happen only this morning.

Having sat pondering life and how I’m actually happy The Last of Us got a remake even though it’s not that old, I considered other games getting the same treatment. With my son playing Portal 2 as it’s on Games With Gold for Xbox, I thought, “Portal remake would be nice, wouldn’t it.” And oh yes it would. Just look at this trailer. Lovely.

I didn't know I needed this until today.

Having done a bit of reading since I started writing this article, it seems this was made using a new modding platform Nvidia is releasing. The NVIDIA RTX Remix modding platform seems to be a tool that will allow anyone (presumably if they are tech savvy) to create RTX remasters of classic games. It’ll let you use AI to enhance assets and add ray tracing and DLSS. How exciting!

I’m sold. Give me the new card now. Only problem: I’ll need about £1500. Oh well. Back to waiting 10 years for consoles to catch up it is.

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