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Surprise! Portal: Companion Collection is out today

Nintendo loves its shadow-drops, and the Portal: Companion Collection is today's big one.

Portal: Companion Collection showed up again on today's Nintendo Direct, except this wasn't just a new trailer - the game is out right now! The collection includes both Portal games, having been announced back in February.

Just like the original news came out of nowhere, today's shadow-drop was also a major surprise. You'll begin to see it available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop worldwide just as the Direct wraps up, priced $20.

Portal games are Valve classics, and widely considered among the best puzzle games ever made. The games take place in an Aperture Science facility where the goal is to solve increasingly complex puzzles that defy spatial physics in order to escape. Of course, all of them involve using portals.

The collection is developed by Tencent Games' Lightspeed Studios, marking the first time the series made an appearance on a Nintendo platform.

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