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Overwatch hero guide: Symmetra

Slow the enemy, speed up allies and deal plenty of damage. Symmetra isn't your usual support hero.


Overwatch hero guide: Symmetra

Role: Support

Symmetra slows the enemy and speeds up movement for allies, making her a unique support hero. She also has a surprisingly good weapon that deals high damage.

Strong against: Reinhardt, D.Va, Bastion

Weak against: Junkrat, Pharah, Roadhog

Symmetra's abilities

Photon Projector

Primary fire for the Photon Projector dishes out a beam that connects to the enemy for continuous damage that grows the longer it connects. Secondary fire is a slow moving ball of energy that deals a lot of damage.


Sentry Turret

This turret shoots at enemies to slow them down rather than damage them, and more than one turret can be placed around the map.

Photon Shield

This shield is deployed on an ally, absorbing damage and remains as long as that hero stays alive.

Ultimate Ability: Teleporter

Symmetra places a teleport pad at the point of battle. When an ally dies, they can teleport from another pad at the respawn point and arrive right back in the fight.

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Symmetra strategy tips

  • Restrict enemy movement by charging the Photon Projector fully and firing the secondary attack down corridors and other choke points. Set up turrets to discourage opponents from passing through an area. Doing this, Symmetra forces enemies into ambushes and open ground.
  • Try and hide Sentry Turrets under or on top of obstacles and place more than one together to have a useful effect. They are easy to damage and a single turret isn't a lot of use on its own.
  • Primary Photon Projector fire tethers to an enemy and continues to deal damage so long as they stay in your field of vision. Evade their attacks and the tether will deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Symmetra should always be played in defense. Guard the teleport pads and keep them out of obvious view or risk them being a target. They are a massive bonus for the team, don't waste them.

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