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Overwatch hero guide: D.Va

Tiny girl. Big suit. Even bigger damage. Do not underestimate D.Va.

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Overwatch hero guide: D.Va

Role: Tank

D.Va is just one girl and her mech, but she has the power to disrupt groups of enemies by self destructing and her boost makes her a menace to players trying to avoid close confrontation.

Latest updates for D.Va

Currently, in PTR, D.Va’s defense matrix was considered too effective, and because of this, it’s recovery delay has been increased from .5 seconds to 1 second. A minor adjustment that can have some major reproductions in competitive play.

Strong against: Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Pharah

Weak against: Mei, Zarya, Symmetra

D.Va's abilities

Fusion Cannons

These twin cannons don't need to be reloaded and dish out serious damage at close range, but they slow down her movement considerably.


This jump boosts D.Va forward but she can also change direction in mid-air if need be. It's a handy way to get out of a tricky situation - or straight into the fight.


Defense Matrix

D.Va activates a targeting system that takes out incoming projectiles in front of her.

Light Gun

When outside of her Mech, D.Va has a blaster that's okay at mid range.

Ultimate Ability: Self Destruct

D.Va ejects out of her mech suit causing it to explode and deal huge amounts of damage.

Ultimate Ability: Call Mech

Once the Mech has been destroyed, D.Va will need to call it down again before getting back into the fight.

D.Va strategy tips

  • Boosting can also be used to deal damage if you jump straight into an opponent. It also knocks them back.
  • Use Boosters and then Self Destruct to send the mech into a group of enemies.
  • Because Self Destruct takes a few seconds to explode, consider using it as a way to split up teams and groups of enemies rather than just an explosive device.

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