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Overwatch hero guide: Reinhardt

He's big and brutal up close. You don't want to get trapped by Reinhardt.


Overwatch hero guide: Reinhardt

Role: Tank

Reinhardt is a classic tank, able to push forward and churn up enemies, as well as protect himself and teammates from incoming attacks.

Strong against: Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Soldier 76

Weak against: McCree, Roadhog, Symmetra

Reinhardt's abilities

Rocket Hammer

A close-quarters melee attack, the Rocket Hammer swings in a wide arc and deals a lot of damage.

overwatch_ps4_11 (Copy)

Barrier Field

This Barrier Field is wide and effective, blocking incoming attacks for Reinhardt and his allies. He's not able to attack while using this ability though.


Reinhardt boosts forward smashing into enemies. The secret here is to smash enemies into walls or obstacles for extra pain.

Fire Strike

Reinhardt swings his hammer to unleash a charge that deals damage in short and mid range.

Ultimate Ability: Earth Shatter

Reinhardt smashes his hammer into the ground, damaging and knocking back everyone in its path. Best used in open areas where there's not protection from walls and other obstacles.

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Reinhardt strategy tips

  • Reinhardt is great at leading the charge and protecting other players. Use him to take your allies closer to the enemy or objectives.
  • He's pretty much limited to close combat, but when he is close that hammer swings to hit multiple targets at the same time.
  • Follow Earthshatter's stun with a Fire Strike or Hammer blow to finish off enemies for good.
  • The wider the opponent, the easier it is to hit them with Charge. Corner them against a wall for maximum damage.

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