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Overwatch hero guide: Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a classic sniper - keep your distance and line up accurate and lethal headshots.


Overwatch hero guide: Widowmaker

Role: Defense

Widowmaker is a classic sniper character. Get her high and picking off her targets one by one. She makes a great defensive hero.

Latest updates to Widowmaker

Minor decreased in the damage output of the scope shot, a 20% decrease, with no changes to the scoped shot multiplier. The headshot damage multiplayer has been updated, with a change from 2x to 2.5x. The Infrasight Ultimate has also been changed, with an increase of energy required by 10%. This is meant to make Widowmaker a more challenging Hero to master while maintaining her lethality in properly trained hands.

Strong against: Bastion, Zenyatta, Torbjorn

Weak against: Genji, D.Va, Winston

Widowmaker's abilities

Widow's Kiss

Widowmaker's rifle has two modes. It primary attack mode it's a short range submachine gun. BUt it's at it's best in the secondary scope more that fires single shots. In scoped mode a charge will fill -when it's full, Widowmaker will down most opponents with a single headshot.

Grappling Hook

This is how Widowmaker reaches parts of the map others can't. Aim using the targets and zip up and away from enemies. Use it to climb to unexpected walls and catwalks.

overwatch_blizzard (29)

Venom Mine

This mine sticks to anything and explodes in a cloud of poison gas when enemies wander into its vicinity. Great for protecting Widowmaker from flankers.

Ultimate Ability: Infra-Sight

Once Infra-Sight is activated Widowmaker and her team are able to see enemies through walls and other obstacles for 15 seconds. Essential for picking off targets as they make their position known and wander into Widowmaker's sights.

Widowmaker gameplay tips

  • Widowmaker works best in wide-open maps with long corridors. Get her up high and wait for that scope to fully charge for accurate and lethal headshots.
  • Widowmaker's rifle shows a very visible tracer once it's fired a bullet, so enemies will be able to follow your position quite clearly. Never stay in one sniping spot for long.
  • Widowmaker should keep her distance from the majority of enemies and be especially wary of a rival Widowmaker on the opposing team.
  • Never stick around if flanked. Use the Venom Mine as an early warning system and the Grappling Hook to put distance between you and your foe.

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