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Overwatch hero guide: Junkrat

Unpredictable and chaotic, Junkrat is all about causing mayhem and confusion.


Overwatch hero guide: Junkrat

Role: Defense

Junkrat is an unpredictable hero with bundles of explosives, and if tamed correctly can be an absolute pest for the opposing team. Either way, he's a lot of fun to play.

Strong against: Bastion, Torbjorn, Mei

Weak against: Pharah, McCree, Widowmaker

Junkrat's abilities

Total Mayhem

Even when he dies he causes trouble. This passive ability leaves a pair of grenades at his death location for a farewell surprise.

Frag Launcher

Junkrat's main weapon fires grenades a good distance and they bounce too. They're not the most accurate, but they certainly deal plenty of damage.


Concussion Mine

Concussion Mines must be set and then triggered by Junkrat. He can use them to knock enemies flying, or propel himself long distances.

Steel Trap

This metal trap is easy to spot, but if enemies get too close it snaps shut on them dealing damage and rooting them to the spot for three seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Rip Tire

The Rip Tire is a spiked wheel that ploughs through enemies causing damage. It can be detonated for extra pain, or you can just steer it through a map until it explodes as it climbs walls and other obstacles.

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Junkrat strategy tips

  • Use Junkrat's Frag Launcher to bounce grenades around corners or into tight spaces, allowing you to attack and not be in the line of fire.
  • He's great for defending areas or objectives, but inaccurate with his explosives, so be careful not to blow yourself up.
  • Spamming grenades at enemies and causing chaos can really shake up the opposing team's tactics. Pair Junkrat with a more accurate hero who can pick off those caught in the confusion.
  • Junkrat isn't harmed by his own Concussion Mine, so think of it as a semi-accurate movement ability to be used to reach different parts of the map, or just handy for escaping.

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