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Overwatch hero guide: Pharah

What's that up in the sky? It's Pharah, and she's going to rain death down upon you.


Overwatch hero guide: Pharah

Role: Offense

Pharah is a versatile hero and the only one who can really dominate the skies. If you're not using her flight to rise over snipers and fight from above, then you're wasting her potential.

Strong against: Bastion, Mei, Junkrat

Weak against: Soldier 76, McCree, Roadhog

Pharah's abilities


Pharah's hover ability lets her stay in one spot in mid air, which is great for scoping out enemies on a map, or for attacks from above.

Rocket Launcher

Pharah's Rocket Launcher holds six rockets and they all do area of effect damage. Get her up in the air and rain them down on enemies.

overwatch_blizzard (13)

Jump Jet

Jump Jet boosts Pharah high into the sky - essential for escaping enemy fire or getting to positions that other heroes just can't reach.

Concussive Blast

This small rocket is great for knocking out barriers and shields as well as knocking an enemy backwards.

Ultimate Ability: Barrage

Barrage lasts for three seconds and deals massive damage as it rains down rockets. Anyone caught in its fire is likely to fall down and never get back up.

Pharah strategy tips

  • Barrage is devastating but leaves Pharah open to attacks for those three seconds. Make sure there's no other enemies other than your targets in close proximity.
  • Jump Jet is great for flanking other players. Many won't be used to attacks from up high, especially from spots on the map that don't have a direct route.
  • Pharah can dominate heroes who only have short to medium range attacks as they just can get close enough to hit her while she's up in the air.
  • If you haven't got the message yet: Pharah lives, breathes and kills from the sky. Keep her up high whenever possible.

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