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How to get a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies

No need for a squad when you’ve got a Sentry Gun to hand.

An explosion is shown in MW3
Image credit: Activision

There are plenty of weapons to mow down the undead within Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, but one particular weapon that players have had their eye on is the Sentry Gun. Now, this was primarily due to a glitch that allowed players to farm copious amounts of XP with the turret - which has since been fixed - but it’s still worth playing around with, especially if you’re going into matches solo.

That said, Sentry Guns aren’t the easiest of tools to get your hands on, but you’ll need to if you’re in the hopes of completing the Hands Off story mission during Act 1: Welcome to Operation Deadbolt. Without further ado, here’s how to get a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies.

How to get a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies

The main way in which players can get their hands on a Sentry Gun in MW3 is by visiting Buy Stations in medium or high-threat zones of Urzikstan.

Medium-threat zones are the orange tier of the map, and are easy enough to handle solo if you’ve upgraded your weapon and stocked up on armor plates. The red, high-threat zone is another can of worms entirely, and will be a real test of strength if playing solo.

The player pings a Buy Station in the medium-tier threat zone of the MW3 Zombies map
Sentry Gun's can be purchased from Buy Stations in medium-tier threat zones. | Image credit: Activision/VG247

Before venturing into a medium-threat zone to purchase a Sentry Gun, we recommend making sure you’ve completed enough Contracts to have at least 2,000 Essence to hand.

Once that’s done, venture to the nearest Buy Station in the medium-threat zone, where you should be able to purchase the Sentry Gun Killstreak for 2,000 Essence.

The player looks at purchasing a Sentry Gun from a medium-tier threat zone on the MW3 Zombies map
Sentry Gun's will set you back by 2,000 Essence. | Image credit: Activision/VG247

There is a chance the item could be out of stock if other players have beaten you to it, but try visiting a different Buy Station in the hopes that it might be in stock there.

Once you have a Sentry Gun in your possession, you'll be able to place it wherever you please, provided that it's a valid spot. You'll want it somewhere relatively open, where it can gun down multiple targets and help keep the heat off you.

The player looks at a Sentry Gun they have placed in the road in MW3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision/VG247

Alternatively, there is a slim chance that the Sentry Gun can be acquired from Loot Caches or Reward Rifts, but this is rare and not a reliable way of getting your hands on the turret.

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