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Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg location

Scramble your way back to camp with this beauty for a top-notch new dango recipe

Getting the Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg is easy in practice, but actually making it out with egg intact is another matter.

You’ll follow the same process as you did for obtaining the Wyvern Egg, but the difference is you’re in the depths of the Sandy Plains this time. Like with the Wyvern Egg, you need to bring it back to the camp’s item box to finish the quest, but the trek to and from is rather more dangerous.

Where is the Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg?

Rhenoplos live in Sandy Plains, but while you’ll find the monsters themselves scurrying around in broad daylight, their nests are only underground in one place.

Head to sector 11 on the map, and make your way into the caves. Make sure you’re not playing a High Rank version of the map, though, or you’ll get a Rhenoplos Egg+, which won’t fulfill the mission requirements.

You’ll find a Rhenoplos nest there, but it’s best to go ahead and deal with any immediate threats in the surrounding area. You can’t set the egg down after you get it. It counts as breaking or losing it, and you’ll have to grab another egg from the nest to complete the objective. The game calls it an Herbivore Egg when you pick it up, but it’s still the right item.

Sub-camps don’t have item boxes, so you’ll need to trek all the way back to the main starting point to deposit the Rhenoplos Egg.

It’s worth the trouble. Completing the Bunny Dango - With Egg! quest by finding the Rhenoplos Egg unlocks Dizzybloom Dango for purchase. Eating this dango makes it easier to stun monsters, which gives you an edge in some of the tougher hunts.

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