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Minecraft's The Wild Update releases on June 7

New biomes, mobs, blocks, and more.

As you no doubt noted by the headline, The Wild Update is coming to Minecraft on June 7.

The Wild Update will come with two new biomes: the deep dark and the mangrove swamp. The deep dark lies below the surface To get there, you will need to find the base of a cave and start digging. It is the only place where you will find sculk blocks.

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One of the things you will notice about this biome is how silent it is - until you set off a shrieker. Triggering the creature will give you only four chances to get away from it. If you by chance make it shriek a fourth time and don't get out of there quick enough, you will come face to face with the only mob that dwells in the deep dark.

The other biome, the mangrove swamp, is full of large trees with big roots. They bring a new type of wood that you can use to build with alongside the new mud block. You can build the mud block using dirt and water.

While in the mangrove swamp, you can use a boat to travel across the place, and it contains a which you can fill.

The Wilds Update also comes with new mobs. These are the warden, the allay, and the frog that you can feed tiny slimes. The frog is actually more than one mob as it comes in three forms: frogspawn, tadpole, and adult frog.

Announced during MineCon Live 2021, come June 7, you can download The Wild Update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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