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Minecraft has now sold over 30 million copies on PC in the ten years since its launch

Across all platforms, Minecraft - and all of its various editions - has sold over 150 million copies, and a tracker on the official site shows PC sales are now over 30 million.

A tracker on the Minecraft website for PC sales of the game hit 30 million this week and it's still rising (via

Back in 2014, console sales of the game surpassed PC and Mac figures, and just a year later, Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android and iOS sold 30 million units.

In October 2018, Microsoft's head of Minecraft, Helen Chiang, told Business Insider that the game had accumulated over 90 million monthly active players, and had sold over 150 million units across all platforms.

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Last week, Minecraft update 19w13a removed all references to Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson from the game’s splash screens, most likely due to the content of his Twitter account.

If you're looking for a Minecraft-like experience to dip your toe into, you can give Boundless a whirl. It's a cross between No Man's Sky and Minecraft, and we got Simon Miller to sit down and play it, and he loved it.

Just kidding. He hated it, just like everything else we make him play for your entertainment.

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