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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update 6 improves Switzerland, Germany, Austria

Microsoft’s ridiculously detailed flying sim is about to get even more detailed.

The latest major update to Microsoft Flight Simulator, World Update 6, was released, with details listed via the Flight Simulator forums. This update will encompass the regions of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria as these countries get new 3D cities, over 100 new points of interest, and new challenges.

World Update 6 enhances the graphics of these three countries, and adds cities like Basel, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria. The focus of the update, though, is the mountain ranges of the Alps, the common thread that ties these countries together. The update also comes with a host of quality-of-life improvements and stability upgrades.

Developer Asobo Studio has done an excellent job in keeping Microsoft Flight Simulator fresh and relevant even past its initial 2020 release. More importantly, though, is how much keeping the world updates targeted at specific regions of the world enhances the Flight Simulator experience. Since Microsoft Flight Simulator approximates the whole world, the sheer scope of where you can go can be intimidating. By limiting these updates to just one part of the world, Asobo gives players somewhere to focus on and enjoy, giving the game a feeling akin to a guided world tour.

Even from its launch, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a remarkable game thanks to its impressive approximation of our world, and publisher Microsoft is committed to delivering new content to the game for ten years. It’s proven to be a hit with audiences, as it’s easily sailed past two million players.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S for $59.99. World Update 6 is free to download if you own the game.

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