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You can play various Flight Simulator games inside Flight Simulator 2020, Easter egg reveals

That’s technically five games for the price of one.

A rather neatly hidden Easter egg has been unearthed in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) by one eagle-eyed Reddit user. The user, who took to the Flight Simulator subreddit to share their discovery, has found that you can actually play the first four Flight Simulator games in the series within the confines of Flight Simulator 2020.

Within their post, u/HughesMDflyer4 shared the Easter egg and exactly how they discovered it. The Easter egg itself was actually introduced this weekend just gone, and was added to the game as a result of the 40th Anniversary Edition update for the simulation title.

If you fancy seeing exactly how Flight Simulator within Flight Simulator (2020) plays out, you’ll need to boot up the game and load up a Diamond DA62. Once that’s sorted, make your way to the cockpit and flip the ELT on. All being well, the screen in front of you will then display Flight Simulator… inside your ongoing game of Flight Simulator.

You can also switch which version of the game you’re playing. At the top of the screen, you’ll have a choice of Flight Simulator 1-4 to pick from, and thus, hours worth of piloting distractions to experiment with.

You can only play the games on this small, in-game screen by clicking the buttons on-screen. This leads to an underwhelming experience, compared to your usual gameplay, but it’s a neat Easter egg to play around with in the Diamond DA62 nonetheless.

The 40th Anniversary Edition update for Flight Simulator 2020 didn’t just add this nerdy Easter egg, though. It also introduced a bunch of new content for players, including four classic commercial airports, 10 glider airports, 14 heliports, 12 new aircraft, and 20 classics missions from the series’ past.

With all that in mind, will you be flying high in Flight Simulator anytime soon?

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