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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could arrive on Xbox Game Pass soon if a listing from the Polish Microsoft Store is to be believed.

Finish those calibrations, have a quick chat to your crew mates and get ready to set off on what could potentially be a suicide mission all over again, because it looks like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon.

Per Polish gaming site, XGP (via VGC), the esteemed sci-fi trilogy of space operas briefly popped up on the Polish Microsoft Store with a Game Pass badge, suggesting the collection of titles might well make it onto the service at some point.

It'd make sense to see the trilogy appear on Xbox Game Pass; if you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier of the service, you also get access to EA’s own game subscriptions service, EA Play. The vast majority of EA titles come to this service within 12 months of launch.

Electronic Arts partnered with Microsoft to include EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for consoles from November 2020, giving players that sub to the service even more choice in the downloadable game library.

Neither Xbox nor EA have confirmed or denied this rumour at the time of writing, but we reckon it makes sense that the collection will appear on the service eventually – even if it only comes in for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers via EA Play.

BioWare and EA recently gave us another look at the next game in the Mass Effect series, which teases the return of the geth.

If you're planning on jumping back into the world of Mass Effect before the next game in the series (eventually) arrives, you can check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guides, including overviews of best weapons, best armor, best character class and more.

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