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More evidence Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be coming Xbox Game Pass soon surfaces

Following a listing on Polish Microsoft Store, more evidence has appeared that Effect: Legendary Edition could arrive on Xbox Game Pass soon

Romance your shipmates, gain the loyalty of your companions and then get to work on those calibrations – we may soon get Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Xbox Game Pass.

We've already heard that BioWare and Microsoft may soon deploy the esteemed sci-fi trilogy of space operas on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC after the game appeared the Polish Microsoft Store with a Game Pass badge, and now (two weeks later), more evidence has cropped up that it could be coming soon.

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Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia (via Pure Xbox) who is known for reverse-engineering the Microsoft Store and mining unannounced details from the storefront, has found what appears to be a new version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC. This version of the game has the term "Rosebud" in brackets, which is apparently what EA uses to denote EA Play games on Xbox Game Pass on PC.

The Twitter user notes that the game will almost certainly arrive on Game Pass soon, per this newly-uncovered data.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see the game appear on the service; Electronic Arts partnered with Microsoft to include EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for consoles from November 2020, giving players that sub to the service even more choice in the downloadable game library.

It may well be the case that an announcement of the game arriving on Xbox Game Pass could arrive at The Game Awards later this week – BioWare has made announcements at the Geoff Keighley-hosted show before, too. It'd be a nice complement to the recent Dragon Age news we got from the studio, too.

If you're planning on jumping back into the world of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you may well want to check out our guides, including overviews of best weapons, best armor, best character class and more.

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