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The free PS Plus Games for December have leaked early

If true, this seems like a stellar selection.

The PS Plus Essential games for December may have been leaked. If the claims from Dealabs, the hosting platform for this alleged line-up, are true, the featured games next month would be:

  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
  • Biomutant
  • Divine Knockout (DKO)

While Dealabs have consistently released leaks for the monthly PlayStation Plus games, and have been somewhat accurate, it’s always worth taking these things with a grain of salt. Leaks aren’t official statements, so keep your expectations measured.

Check out the launch trailer for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition here, for an idea of what to expect!

With that being said, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is one hell of a game to take the spotlight, and for the price of free you can’t get much of a better RPG to play over the christmas holidays. As an updated version of the hugely popular sci-fi RPG, you can take to the stars, meet alien races, and become super good friends with them. It’s great!

Biomutant is a decent addition too, for what it’s worth. Our impressions around a year ago were middling, but as a free game it’s well worth at least trying out. In it, you play a gun-wielding, fist throwing mutant creature that takes on all manner of creature out in an apocalyptic sci-fi world.

Finally, Divine Knockout (DKO) is a fighter made by Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of Smite, who have brought their roster of gods to a whole new genre. With each character bringing their own special moves to trap ridden stages and various game modes, it’s your job to beat up other players, We’re unsure of how exactly it’ll be received, but Smite has always been pretty rad so there’s no reason to think new ventures will be any different.

What are you thoughts on this leaked PS Plus Essential selection for December? Will you be downloading any of these, if they are available? Let us know below, and why!

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