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New Mass Effect teaser image hints at the return of the Geth

BioWare has revealed a new teaser for the next Mass Effect game that seems to hint at the return of an alien species from the original trilogy; the Geth.

It's been a quiet N7 day, but at least developer Bioware offered us something on the day that all Mass Effect fans hold dear: another look at something new from the upcoming game.

It's been nearly a year since we first saw a teaser for the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe, which was shown off originally during The Game Awards 2020. Next to nothing is known and about the game, and Bioware has said precious little to date about whatever the next entry in the sublime sci-fi series will be.

At least yesterday, we got something of a crumb from the developers: a detailed teaser image revealed on Twitter that seems to tease the return of the Geth.

The image seemingly representing a member of the machine alien species is made up of an impact site, a docked ship and four figures seemingly setting out to investiatge the crash zone. There's also what appears to be a geth body near the impact zone, lying near whatever it is that's fallen from the stars, and a suspiciously clean run-up to the item. Has someone been here before our four unnamed crew? Has something left? One responder the the Mass Effect account on Twitter reckons they clocked another corpse on the rim of the crater – what do you think?

As for the ship, we've not seen that before; it's a bit smoother and cleaner in its design than the Normandy or the Tempest, and given its prominent place in the art, many are suggesting it could be your new home. The ship has the letters SFX on it, and as Shinobi062 notes on Twitter, that was the codename of the original Mass Effect back in 2003 when it was being developed. Nice.

Now for the figures. One of the figures looks like a krogan - you can't mistake that hump – and is wearing red armour, which has sent the internet into a frenzy of suggesting it could be the Normandy's very own Urdnot Wrex. Given that krogans can live up to 1000 years (cheers, Eurogamer), it's not too much of a stretch to believe he made it into the time period of this new game. Two of the figures looks human – or humanoid, at least – and the final one, maybe, could be a quarian? Perhaps? It'd make sense, if the geth are involved, the quarians have some history with the machine race (to put it simply).

BioWare skipped EA Play Live earlier this year, and announced it would not be showing Dragon Age or Mass Effect at the E3-adjacent show. The new Mass Effect game – whatever it ends up being called – is not due to launch until after Dragon Age 4... and that's also not due out for a good while yet.

Get poring over that image, then – it's the most Mass Effect you're going to get for a little while yet.

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