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Mass Effect Legendary Edition players have made some interesting choices - infographic

Bioware has released an infographic for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which details choices that players have made across the trilogy.

This Mass Effect Legendary Edition infographic covers everything from the background of a player's Shepard to the squadmates most likely to survive the Suicide Mission.

Some of these choices led to some interesting decisions too. For example, Mordin was the least likely character to survive the aforementioned mission. The character most likely to survive was Garrus, followed by Jacob and Grunt.

Speaking of survivability in missions, Wrex survived the Virmire mission for 94% of players and didn't survive for 6% of players.

When it came to Tali, 4% of players exiled the fan-favorite, who was also the second most-used squadmate in the first Mass Effect.

As far as Shephard's attitude towards reporters was concerned,  32% handled questions with "candor and grace," while 68% felt a punch in the face was in order.

You can view the full infographic here or below.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the remastered trilogy but have yet to purchase it, you can get it on sale through Origin for $44.99 until July 29.  It is also on sale for the same price on PlayStation until August 4, and on Xbox until August 5.

It will go on sale through Steam on July 29 and will remain on sale until August 2.



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