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Madden 11 Mania: Contests, bundles, sales, Wii exclusive features


EA releases Madden NFL 11 on Tuesday, August 10 in the US, and trust us when we say this: It's a big deal to people in the States.

More likely than not, a few places of employment will be missing a few workers due to the flu, allergies, car issues, or a ranging case of chlamydia - all of which will be bold-faced lies because they are really at home playing Madden 11, eating nachos and swilling beer.

In honor of this grand event, here's just a few things pertaining to the game's launch you may be interested in:

  • Best Buy is giving those who purchase Madden NFL 11 this week on Xbox 360 or PS3 half-off on another game for their system. Choices include: Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age: Origins, God of War 3, and tons more. Get the list over on Respawn Action.
  • A reliable source has told Joystiq a new PS3 bundle will be available for purchase at Best Buy, that includes a 250GB PS3 and a copy of Madden NFL 11 for $349.99 (it's already live on the Best Buy Canada site). That's basically getting the game for free. Well, it is.
  • FileFront and GameStop are giving away an Xbox 360 Slimline with a copy of Madden 11 if you "post in the comments section a link to a video showing what you think is the 'craziest football play of all time".
  • Speaking of GameStop, the retailer is also running a Gridiron Game Changers Sweepstakes: Check back to the “Madden Mondays” page each week, and text a keyword featured on the site to 65579. Why? You’ll be entered to win a VIP trip for two to the GameStop Madden NFL 11 tournament finals event. Also, if you preorder Madden NFL 11, you will receive 20K Madden NFL Coins which be spent on online scouting, player boosts or even building your Ultimate Team.
  • Plan on picking the game up for Wii? You'll want to head on over to Nintendo World Report to be filled in on some features in Madden 11 exclusive to the Wii System, if you didn't know what they were already.
  • Madden is also arriving on iPhone and iPad day and date with the console versions if that tickles your fancy instead.
  • IGN has a new video of it up called Touchdown, go watch.

There's so much Madden Madness going on, we're about to faint,and likely we have missed something as well, so check your local retailer to find out what's on offer.

It's out next week for just about everything under the sun.

UK gets it August 13.

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