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Lost Ark Rethramis collectables guide - Best area to farm Regulas Statue Fragments, Portal Stones, and more

Looking for max out the Rethramis Adventure Tome? Here's the best farming spots for Regulas Statue Fragments and more

If you’re looking to farm Rethramis collectables in Lost Ark, you might be scratching your head as to what the best way to gather the full range from the humble Regulus Statue Fragments, to the elusive Bloody Rod. Worry no longer, as we’ve got a breakdown for the best Rethramis collectable farming spots so you can acomplete that adventure tome as soon as possible.

Collectables for any zone can drop from any creature found either n the open continent, or dungeons found in that continent. As such, when looking for the best farming spots, what we’re actually looking for are spots where numerous enemies can be killed in short succession. The faster you can work your way through packs of enemies, the faster you’ll earn collectables.

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Best Rethramis collectable farming spot

The primary location you want to head to is the Rethramis Border, at the northmost teleporter right by the entryway to Yudia. From there, ehad south and you’ll immediately end up in an open area with the Aquilok’s Tail dungeon to the West. This is by far the best spot for farming collectables, and here’s why.

Moving along the West of this small area above the dungeon, you’ll find a huge collection of zombies strolling around. Make a short circuit around this corner and round up all the zombies, you should be able to aggro over twenty zombies per circuit, before clearing them all out with AOE.

Once you’ve cleared the zombies, head South and you may see a rare spawn on your minimap to the west. Head over there quickly and take it out, then travel to the south of the area where you'll find a large pack of small red insects. Round up these bugs like you did the zombies, and burst them all down. Once you do, head back north and you should see the zombies have respawned! Simply round them up and repeat the process.

Alternative farming spot

The problem with the aforementioned spot is that it’s in the open world! While you can swap channels for a cleaner farm, you may still be contested. Or, maybe you just want to mix things up a little. If either or these are true, head on down to the Toxiclaw Cavern and head inside.

Toxiclaw Cavern is a super short dungeon with eleven packs of bandits, ranging in size from four to eight bozos. In addition, the dungeon is essentially a single path, with all enemies rushing towards you. As such, you can dash forward and throw out your aoe for a easy clear.

We managed to clear this dungeon in one to two minutes. We rush all the way to the metal gate before the boss, clearing enemies as we go, and then cast the Song of Escape without clearing the boss.

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