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Little Nightmares comes to mobile on December 12

This eerie adventure will soon be available to play on iOS and Android devices, with controller support and revamped interface.

Image credit: Playdigious/Tarsier Studios

It was teased a short while ago that Little Nightmares would be coming to both iOS and Android devices. Playdigious has since given fans a release date for the mysterious horror game to come to mobile, and that’s as soon as December 12.

With Little Nightmares 3 - developed by Supermassive Games this time, rather than Tarsier Studios - expected to launch during 2024, now is a better time than ever to check out Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares 2, if you haven’t already.

These games are creepy, whimsical adventures packed with secrets, collectable Nomes, and all things that lurk in the dark. It captures the childhood curiosity, and fear, of the unknown and more in one grand package that feels rewarding to play, even if a little bit saddening at times.

All in all, they’re some of the best horror games out there, even if they’re more spine-chilling than they are straight-up horrifying.

Little Nightmares has you take control of a small girl called Six as she tries to navigate this decrepit world full of mannequins and towering enemies, such as the vessel that is Maw, that will bring her harm. You’ll be platforming, solving environmental puzzles, and practicing patience as you try to make your way through this particular journey and attempt to escape to safety.

The mobile release of Little Nightmares will feature revamped interface for iOS and Android devices, Game Center achievements, and the ability to share progress between iOS devices. The game will also be compatible with MFi controllers, which is good news for those of us who’d rather not try platforming on a touch-screen device.

Will you be checking out Little Nightmares when it releases on mobile on December 12? Let us know down below.

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