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Little Nightmares 2 Part 5 | Flashlight Mannequins, The Doctor and Patient

Already deep in the halls of the hospital, Mono returns the first fuse to Six. There are many wards and wings yet to discover, but first, they need to retrace their steps.

After you've defeated the wandering hand and grabbed the first fuse, walk back toward the TV room. Out in the hallway, regroup with Six and return to the mezzanine above the TV room.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 5 - Flashlight Mannequins

In the middle of the upper floor of the TV room, ignore the two fuse slots for now, and go all the way around to the left-hand side of the landing. There’s a single slot here that will open a gate next to you.

Head inside, walk through the first room, then get a boost into the top cell from Six.

Pull the lever, and you’ll see that the mannequin moves when it’s dark.

Get out your flashlight with Circle and you’ll be able to control its movements.

Leave it in the dark for long enough for it to move out of the way of the cell doorway, then fix it in place with your flashlight to move past.

You can aim it with the right stick, so manoeuvre around the mannequin before you slip through the grate to safety.

Continue down the corridor until you reach the gloomy turn where there are three mannequins facing away from you.

Go up this part of the corridor, then through the broken door on the left.

This upcoming section can be a bit annoying, because of the checkpoint and trial and error involved.

As you progress, various mannequins will come alive and attack you. There are two in the first area, before you crouch underneath the bed. Then after the bed, give the one that’s at the front of your screen a wide berth, or it will scoop you up.

Two more will come, one from the ward beds and the back of the room, and one in your path as you proceed left. But keep your flashlight moving between whichever is causing you the most danger at any one point and you’ll be fine.

Don’t get cornered in the bottom left-hand corner of the room though, your goal is to jump through the gap in the door in the top left-hand corner.

On the other side, walk to the vent on the far wall, and climb up.

In the next corridor, slalom down to the bottom, then around the corner to the right.

This section can be tricky, but you just need to keep making progress around to the right, while still keeping your flashlight pointed at the mannequin that’s most dangerous at any one time.

So you’re often keeping it pointed behind you, but you need to be ready to swing it around to face things in your path.

Crouch underneath the beds, then fix the last mannequin in your path. Use the filing cabinets to reach the raised vent and escape.

In the showers, pull the lever behind you to turn on the light, then grab a bar of soap to throw at the button next to the gate to open it.

Make your way to the next room, and you’ll see a raised hole in the door and a mannequin in a wheelchair.

Now you need to return to the lever and turn off the light. Return to the wheelchair mannequin and have it attack you in the dark so it leaves the wheelchair. Then fix it in place with your flashlight and turn the light back on.

You can then pull the wheelchair up to the door to climb up to the gap.

In the next room, you’re dealing with lots of very fast acting mannequins at once. We're talking more than five at the same time, and yes, it’s harrowing.

To start with, I tried to get past them by letting all of them start to attack me at once, then backpedalling towards the door I came in through. Then I could fix them all at once with the flashlight and use this larger part of the room to move around them in a circle and get past.

However, more trigger as you get further into the room and there’s not much you can do about weaving through them other than moving as quickly as possible and swapping the flashlight quickly between them.

This means that the quickest, and probably best, method - unhelpfully - is to just be brave and try and weave your way through the middle of all of the mannequins.

Try not to get too close to any single one that triggers, or it'll scoop you up, but with a little distance, you can point your flashlight at whichever is closest and slip through unharmed.

In the next room, jump up onto the stool, then grab the lever. This pops out the fuse which you can then throw through the hopper to Six.

She then uses it to open the gate to your cell. Make your way out then retrieve the fuse.

With the second fuse in-hand, return to where you saw the two fuse panels above the TV room.

Slot the fuses into the panel, then pull the lever for the elevator.

The Doctor's surgery

At the bottom, walk down the hall and then around to the right, climbing up the cloth to get through the door at the end.

On the other side, make your way to the end of the room and pick up the pipe. Your goal here is to fend off the hands while Six pulls off the planks covering the door.

Like before, they go down in three hits if you can catch them while they recover after a leap.

In the next room, sneak under the shelving, then climb onto the second shelf to continue, then use the boxes to hide from The Doctor and sneak past while he’s not looking.

On the other side of the vent, use the beds and overturned trolley as cover to make your way to the right-hand side of the room.

Then to get an object to throw at the button to advance, you need to use the beds on the right to sneak underneath the doctor and grab a block.

Then return to the door and take the shot. Follow Six’s lead and don’t run through the door straight away. Wait for him to investigate and leave before you go inside and climb up the filing cabinets on the far wall.

Now make your way through the vent, avoiding the holes.

You’ll emerge in a larger area, which you can drop down from on the far side of through the hole with the cloth dangling through it.

On your right is a locked door.

Look on the left and you’ll see a handle poking out of a locker. Pull it out then jump inside and Six will push you through to another room.

On the far side, you’ll see the key on top of a cupboard.

Next to the key cupboard, there’s a drawer you can pull out, which you can then use to pull out another above.

Now go back to the other side of the room where you came in, and there’s another gurney drawer here you can pull out.

Use it to jump onto the next one up, then jump and grab onto the door in front of you to swing across.

Now on the table, jump onto the ledges you pulled out earlier, and you can get to the key.

Jump back into the locker you came in through and shout Six with Triangle.

She’ll pull you back into the other room where you can use the key.

Help her push the door open, then climb up the filing cabinet on the other side.

Jump across the tops of the beds, then slip through the vent and climb the ladder. When you emerge, your path is blocked by another fuse locked gate.

Over to the left is where you’ll have to search, where you can hear The Doctor is in.

Use the sink, then table as cover to move through the room while he’s not looking.

Then get a boost from Six into the vent on the left-hand side of the room.

In the patient room, climb up the ladder on the wall, then go to the far left of the room and drop down on the lever.

Hide under the bed, then when the doctor bursts in, run out of the now open door to meet back up with Six while he’s distracted.

In the other room, run over to where the doctor was sawing the mannequin, then pull out the gurney on the right.

This gives you a platform to jump up to the next level, then to grab the fuse.

Return to the fuse panel in the right-hand room and socket it.

Follow Six’s cues to run, jump and slide as fast as you can through this section, then jump into the furnace at the end. Hop off the end of the platform inside the furnace, then make your way back towards the door and pull off the bars with Six's help.

Outside, pull the lever on the left and watch the show.

When you’re done, go over to the other lever on the left, get a boost, and hop into the elevator.

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