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Little Nightmares 2 Part 3 | Chess puzzle, Sneaking through the doll’s cafeteria

As Mono and their mysterious companion make their way further into the school, things take a turn from bad to even worse.

They may have slipped away from The Teacher, but there's still more horror lurking in wait.

After you've made your escape from the Teacher in the library and opened the door at the end, you'll find yourself in a new corridor. On the right-hand side of the staircase you’ll find another locked door.

Go upstairs and around to the left there’s a weird shadow child to collect.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 3 - Chess Puzzle

Around to the right, you’ll find a pair of chess pieces. Pick up the white disk and you can attach it to the white piece to make a rook. Jump on top of the rook and then onto the door handle in front of you.

You’re now inside a room with a whole chess board. To solve the chess puzzle, come across to the right near the front of the screen and into another part of the room.

There’s another piece on a table here, but first, grab onto the bottom of the screen with the eye painted on it.

Let go and it’ll reveal the solution: black king in the middle, white king at the bottom, white queen on the left, and the final white piece on the right.

The piece on the table is the white queen. Jump up and take the top off of it, then hop down. Return to the board and place the white queen head somewhere safe.

Now go back out through the door you entered from and get the rook head from the piece there. Place the rook head on the white piece at the bottom of the table and use it to get up to the white king piece.

Put the White King head on the bottom white piece, then remove the rook head and put it on the spare white piece on the right.

Now put the queen head you’ve saved on the piece on the left and you’ll hear a click.

Finally, use the rook head, now on the right, to jump up on the table with the bottle.

Jump and grab the lamp here to pull a lever which moves the bookcases in front of you and reveals a key.

Claim your key and head back downstairs to open the door.

On the other side, descend the stairs and pull the trolley from in front of the door. Push your way through, then use the corpse to get up on the freezer and touch the ghostly kid.

Leave the room, then pull the trolley outside over to the high grate before using it as a ladder to advance.

The Doll Cafeteria

In the next kitchen, hop over the trolley then pick up the ladle to smash the dolls that attack you - the timing is very difficult, just keep trying.

Remember you have to press jump while holding it to swing. The dolls stop literally a millimetre outside the arc of your swing, so try and hold off until they leap into your range.

When they’re dead, you have to pick up the doll head you smashed and put it on. Then you can go through the grate on the right without dying.

Walk through the carnage, crouching under the table when your way is blocked.

Finally, squeeze through the crack in the hall at the end of the hall and you’re in a new room.

Use the shelves at the top end to climb up then walk along the beam across the light.

Keep climbing and use the rope swing to continue your ascent. Grab the brain jar, then throw it down to the floor. Then jump and grab the hook to get back down to floor level.

Pick up the brain and throw it against the button on the right-hand wall to open to the door.

In the next area with the teacher, crouch through the hole in the wall to get under her desk. Then move to the hiding place in the middle of the room when she walks to the other side of the room.

When she moves again, move under the third desk and follow her through the door.

In the next room, walk straight forward then climb up the drawer handles to get on top of the desks where she’s working.

When the teacher’s back is turned, sneak in front of her, then creep over to the gap between the desks.

Jump over when she’s not looking and finally leap over to the hole in the wall when you have a chance.

In the next room, climb up the shelves in front of your and nip into the vent.

On the other side, you’ll find yourself in another hallway.

It’s time for more doll smashing, so pick up the hammer and whack away.

As you walk forward at the start, keep towards the top of the screen and you’ll trigger a trap that smashes the first doll before you take out the others.

When you turn the corner there’s two more.

Then when you turn the corner again, there’s two more again, including one that bursts out of a locker behind you.

There are absolutely loads of them throughout this section, and if one of their timing arcs throws you off, it’s back to square one. But stay patient and focus on each one at a time and you'll be able to continue.

Finally, watch out as you reach the bathroom because you’ll trigger a trap that comes straight out of the door.

In the bathroom, run up and smash the two dolls - keep your cool or you’ll swing impotently at the second.

Next, swing the hammer at the rope holding your friend and she’ll be dropped to the floor.

Reunited with your pal, open the window on the right-hand wall and leave the building, crossing the plank between the buildings.

In the piano room, turn the crank in the top right corner until it falls, then jump on top of the piano with your mate until you drop to the lower level.

Take a boost from your helper to get to the vent on the left. Here you spot the key to the door on the right with a doll.

Your companion will create a distraction while you sneak around the outside of the doll to a pipe on the near side of the screen you can use to smash it.

Grab the key, then lift the railing to get back into the piano room.

Now use the key on the far door to advance.

In the next room, your friend will turn badass on a doll before you can smash it with a hammer.

Pull out the drawer on the right and use it to scale the cupboard as you head toward the sound of the playing piano.

At the end of the hall, go up the stairs, then get a lift under the white mark on the cupboard from your mate.

Climb up and push down the box to allow her to scale the filing cabinet, then pull open the vent together.

On the other side of the vent, drop down from the books to the floor and sneak across to the right-hand side of the room where there’s a crank.

While the teacher is playing, turn the crank. Stop when she does, or you’re toast.

With the platform lowered, push the piano stool back across the room - again only when she’s playing - and use it to get back up to your friend and across to the other vent.

Sprint out of there, and finally you’ll be free of the school.

Run forwards over to the right for a time, then when you reach a dumpster, help your friend push it back away from you - towards the top of the screen - to close the lid then use it to jump up to the next level.

Keep going right and you’ll find a ghostly kid next to a paper hat, then a door you can squeeze through.

Inside, you’ll find an old yellow raincoat. This confirms that the companion helping you throughout the game so far is Six, the protagonist of the first Little Nightmares.

Get a boost from her to open the door then pass through the window on the right in the next room.

In the alleyway, get a boost onto the dumpster and hop the railing.

Push the plank out of the way for Six, then climb the far dumpster and open the grate.

In the courtyard, there’s an illuminated window to climb through - and you enter the next area.

Continued in the next part!

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