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Little Nightmares 2 Part 4 | Teddy bears, morgue furnaces, smashing hands

With the nightmarish school in their wake, Mono and Six find themselves in a new building, with a fresh set of horrors in store.

After climbing in through the window from the rain-slick street, the dim corridor lined with scattered hospital beds, it's clear that this new area has a different - and no less unsettling - vibe.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 4

As you make your way inside, walk over to the right and crouch under the bed.

Continue forward, then push through the door with Six.

After the scene, jump onto the bed, climb up the rungs on the other side, then up the knotted bedsheets.

Follow Six across the beds, then hop across to the hole in the wall. There’s a cell in a panel to your well here, take it then walk across to the other side of the hallway and deposit it in the panel there.

This opens up an elevator shaft. Drop down, and help Six pull open the grate on the other side. Quickly jump inside the vent, and make your way to the other side.

When you drop down, a new mechanic is introduced: the flashlight.

Continue through the gap to the right, then you’re on a hospital ward.

In the next room, go up to the top of the room to find another ghostly child, then press on to the right as normal.

After the ward, you’ll find a dead end, so circle back and go up the spooky corridor to the illuminated door.

Inside, jump on the handle of the vending machine to make a can appear.

Then throw the can at the button by the powered door to activate it.

In the next room, you’re tuning another transmission. Walk and touch the TV, then move the left stick until it vibrates and the corridor on the screen is straight. Do this three times then run towards the door.

When you regain control, stay on the lower floor and go over to the right.

Morgue Furnaces and Teddy Bears

Ignore the illuminated elevator for now and go past it into the X-ray room.

There’s a clue here that there’s a teddy with a key inside it. Keep going right and there’s a play room with a teddy on the table. Pick up the teddy on the far right-hand side of the room - not the one on the table.

Grab the teddy and carry it to the elevator you passed. You can place it behind the x-ray screen and pull the lever if you want to confirm it's the right one with the key inside.

Ride the elevator down and you’re in a morgue.

On your right is the morgue incinerator. Put the teddy inside it, then jump up and pull on the handle next to the incinerator door.

Hop inside the incinerator when it’s done and take the key, then return to the TV room.

Go upstairs and around to the right and there’ll be a door where you can use the key.

Wandering Hands

Inside you’ll find a dark room filled with mannequin parts.

Walk through the room and you’ll get to another corridor. Walk up to the top of the corridor and you’ll find another of the ghostly children.

Then walk down to the bottom and get a boost from Six to reach the gap in the white-marked door.

Inside, walk across the room past the operating table, then pull the box of parts out of the way to reveal a gap to the other side of the room.

Climb up the shelves in front of you to continue, then you’ll be attacked by a wandering hand.

To avoid it, I hopped around like Mario, but you can also wait for it to start to pounce and more tactically plan your jumps.

Hop past the hand, climbing up the shelf in front of you, then use the grate at the end of the room as a ladder.

You have to do this bit really fast, or the hand will catch you - as soon as you reach the top of the ladder, crouch straight into the vent and push through the grate on the other side.

You’ll drop down into another corridor. Head up and to the left to the illuminated doorway and head back across the new room you find. Climb up the table and shelves in here, then drop down the other side.

This part can be frustrating, since the hands dodge all of your attacks.

Walk around the trolley, then grab the hammer in the middle of the room. Now you have to tempt the hand into leaping at you and smack it with the hammer while it’s recovering. It takes three hits to die.

When it's down, break down the glass doorway hidden behind the box on the left.

Now drop the hammer and hop up onto the workbench where you see the fuse, grab it, and make your escape.

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