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Little Nightmares 2 Part 6 | Apartment Elevator Puzzle

With The Doctor defeated and the exit to the hospital in sight, Mono and Six press on towards a more residential area of the city. But based on how things have gone for them so far, that's probably not a good thing.

As you ride the elevator up from where you said goodbye to The Doctor, at the top, turn right and walk through the lobby to the door that’s ajar on the far side. Then help Six open the window to open a way back to the street.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 6 - Apartment Elevator Puzzles

Keep heading right through the rain-soaked streets until you reach a dilapidated house.

Ascend the stairs until there’s an open door.

Keep heading right through the door, then use the TV as a platform to jump through the window.

Back outside, climb the ladder to jump across to the next house.

Inside, head right until you turn the corner and go up towards the top of the screen.

There’s a hole in the door on your right, and that’s where you advance.

Get a boost to open the next door and walk through the bathroom to the small vent.

Follow Six’s lead to jump down to the elevator and pull the lever to go up.

It’s locked, so pull the lever to go down again.

Now, pull the lever one more time, but jump out of the right-hand side of the elevator to grab the ladder planks as you go up. This lets you out onto the landing that was locked before.

Climb up the wooden planks, jumping from one side to the other as you rise, then climb out at the top.

Now you're free, but Six is still stuck behind the locked shutter.

To get Six out of the elevator, continue left, then open the bottom-right drawer of the desk.

Pick up the key and unlock the elevator grate. With Six free, get back in the elevator, pull the lever and then as you descend, jump out of the right-hand side as you did on your way up.

Now climb back up the wooden ladder to the landing where Six is, but with no elevator.

Next, pull the lever on the left-hand side of the elevator shaft, then as it rises up, jump onto the top of the elevator car.

This will raise you up to a level above when it reaches its highest position.

On the left, pull out the box to reveal a vent to a secret room with a ghostly child, then head out of the window on the right.

Out on the roof you’ll see a lighthouse in the distance, but continue over to the right and climb through the window there.

Inside you’ll collect another ghostly child and then jump on the door handle on the left by pulling across the empty cage to get out.

Now climb up the trellis next to the door to get onto the roof above.

On top, get a boost from Six up to the crank, then turn the lever until the clothes hanger is close enough for her to grab. Then turn it so she’s on the other side.

Then sprint, jump, and grab her hand on the other side - before climbing the various fire escape ladders and drainpipes until you can climb in through a window.

Run across to the right through the building, pushing the door in your way with Six.

Then continue to run and jump through the building until you land.

Pull Six out of the rubble, then get a boost up to the door handle on the right-hand side of the room.

In the hallway, go up towards the top of the screen, then into the door on the right.

You’re tuning another transmission, so touch the TV screen and rotate your stick until the picture is straight.

Run towards the door and push it open, and the scene will end.

Follow Six’s lead and run back out the way you came. Run down the hall and into the bedroom on the right, then hide under the bed.

Afterwards, come out and interact with the shadow, then continue to the next part!

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