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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth best jobs for each character

Diversifying your skillset

Figuring out the best Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth jobs for each character is a daunting task, with so many roles to choose from and characters to fill them. An open skill inheritance system means you can graft any skills onto any job, but not every class is worth investing in for each party member.

Our Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth jobs for each character guide lays out our top picks for each party member with tips for how to play them. If you're wondering when you get these jobs, head over to our Infinite Wealth jobs list for specifics.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for each character

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Ichiban

Hero is your best bet for Ichiban’s job. It’s got a bit of everything – healing, support, AoE attacks – and their effectiveness increases as Ichiban’s social stats go up. While you can technically go through the whole game without changing Ichiban’s job, Host does pair nicely with his support skills. It’s a magic and support class that buffs allies in ways that Hero doesn’t. Host unlocks in Chapter 8 after Kiryu takes the lead.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Kiryu

Dragon of Dojima has a lot going for it, from Rush mode’s two-time-hitting basic attack to Beast’s fool-chucking, head-cracking throwing attacks. That’s before even getting into Kiryu’s special skills with different attributes that inflict status attacks, including a dagger attack that causes bleed. Dragon of Dojima is really all he’ll need, but it’s versatile enough that you can tinker with inheritance skills from other jobs as well.

I recommend Desperado, for different status and elemental attributes, or Samurai. Dragon of Dojima has blunt damage covered already, so something like Action Star won’t be much help.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Tomizawa

Tomizawa’s Cabbie job wears down just about when you unlock new classes, so consider switching him to Desperado once you can. It’s essentially a souped-up Cabbie, with plenty of magic and gun attacks, both of which suit him well.

I also like Pyrodancer for him. It’s a multipurpose class with fire and slashing attacks, magic from several elements, AoE skills, and some party support, the latter of which frees up other characters, such as Ichiban, to focus on hitting.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Chitose

Chitose’s Heiress job is one you’ll want to stick with for awhile, since it comes with some excellent debuff skills that other characters don’t have. Heiress can reduce enemy agility and charm them, while healing the party and dishing out blunt damage in a wide area of effect. As you progress further in Ichiban’s adventure, though, you might want to try Geodancer or Housekeeper.

Most Housekeeper skills come with knockback effects, which are excellent for dealing extra damage and positioning enemies for combos. If you want a more traditional healer, though, Geodancer is your best pick. It has party-wide healing and evasion buffs and even a skill that revives downed allies.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Adachi

Adachi always fills the heavy-hitter role, and his place in Infinite Wealth is no different. Detective isn’t something he should stay in once he rejoins Ichiban in Chapter 7, since it’s long outlived its usefulness by that point. Put him in the Action Star class instead. It hits hard, powers up its physical moves, and comes with some useful buff skills as well.

Since Kiryu leaves the party shortly after Adachi joins, you may want to make him a Breaker instead. Depending on what roles you have Ichi’s other allies in, you’ll need someone to pick up the slack where blunt damage is concerned.

If you have the Infinite Wealth DLC, Linebacker is an even better choice for Adachi as it turns him into a speedy tank.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Nanba

I like Chef for Nanba, mostly because it’s fun. Chefs can inflict status ailments and then deal heavier damage to foes suffering from status effects. Host is another strong fit if you need someone to fill a support role.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Saeko

Saeko is a tough one to place, as she does well in pretty much any role. Need a second offensive character? Put her in the Housekeeper role. Want a support unit? Try Idol. She even works well in the Kunoichi class, with its exceptionally high agility.

The DLC Tennis Ace class is particularly good for damage dealing, though you might want to save that for Seonhee.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Seonhee

Seonhee’s Assassin class is strong, but Night Queen or Kunoichi is even stronger. Which is best depends on your preferences. Kunoichi excels at buffing agility and using skills that power up with high agility, while Night Queen debuffs enemies and wears them down before taking them out with a strong attack.

Night Queen has a slight edge for me, since other party members benefit from the debuffs as well.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Zhao

I kept Zhao in his starting Gangster class, since it comes with a broad array of skills that cover several damage types, though you could throw some Desperado on there for a change of pace. The elemental gun skills are a strong complement to Gangster’s abilities.

Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for Joon-gi

Joon-gi has the disadvantage of joining late, when you’ve likely sorted your party setups already. However, he does have the perk of being one of the strongest characters in a party with only Kiryu as a traditional heavy-hitter. Samurai or Action Star work well for Joon-gi, or you could slot him into the Linebacker role if you have the DLC.

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