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Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Scavenger guide - How to unlock Scavenger Tools

One person's trash is another Jawa's gigantic blaster.

Lego Star Wars Scavenger abilities are some of the best for getting around the galaxy, though it takes a fair while before you actually have access to them.

You’ll need a Scavenger character, of course, and you get access to three tools that help you reach hard-to-access places.

How do you unlock Scavenger characters in Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga?

Skywalker Saga has nearly a dozen Scavenger characters, though most of them are locked behind minigames and side missions. Rey and Wicket are the earliest one you can get without much effort. Wicket unlocks during Episode 6, after you finish The Chewbacca Defense mission, and Rey plus her two costumed variants unlock automatically after you complete Episode 7 (The Force Awakens). The means to use Scavenger abilities only unlocks during Episode 7 as well.

You’ll have access to other Scavengers as well, including the Jawa and Tusken Raider, but many are locked behind side missions and other challenges.

How do you use Scavenger abilities in Lego Star Wars?

Scavenger abilities are usable only after you unlock the Scavenger Tool in Episode 7’s “Scrap for Scraps” mission. It’s a main part of the episode’s story, so you can’t miss it, and it requires you to find 20 pieces of scrap. Once you do, you can craft your three Scavenger tools. Open the Class Ability menu to pick which one you want, and you’re good to go.

Scavenger Tools in Lego Star Wars

The Glider

The Glider Scavenger ability is what it says on the label and lets you glide from high places and across distances. There’s no limitation on where you can deploy it, so use it whenever something catches your eye and there’s no other way to reach it.

Blaster Breaker

The Blaster Breaker has two functions. It lets you break those cracked walls with light shining through, and you can also use it in combat.

Net Launcher

This is a more situational tool. It lets you fire a net on obstacles marked with a white X, and you can climb the net to get on top of the obstacles. That’s all you can do with it, though.

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