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Irrational focusing on stepping up the "interaction between AI" in Infinite

bioshock infinite

Irrational Games head, Ken Levine, has said the team really "stepped up" the level of interactivity between the AI in BioShock Infinite.

Speaking with GiantBomb in the video posted below, Levine uses throwing a horse in the game as a perfect example of "amping up" the interactive nature of gameplay.

"In videogames, everything is always amped up to eleven, and you can always have them do bigger and bigger things," he said. "Sometimes, we were like: ''How do we demonstrate that this guys is just f**king badass?', and the notion of grabbing a horse while running - and that's a technologically a very difficult thing to do, because having a guy grab another guy that's moving, that's really challenging.

"In the original BioShock, where the Big Daddy would pick up the Little Sister and put her behind him, I wanted a level of interactivity between AI because generally the AI really doesn't interact with each other in a meaningful way. But what we're really focused on in Infinite is interaction between AI and really stepping that up, and really making them do interesting things together.

"You don't see a lot of that, and it's hard to do but we're always always looking for things people haven't beat to death already."

Levine goes on to say Irrational wanted the AI's actions to be more "visceral and more rooted in the world", instead of instances where AI was throwing something at you that just spawned in it's hand.

It's a rather interesting interview, and you should watch it.

BioShock Infinite is slated for 2012 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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