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BioShock Infinite: Where to find all Vox Ciphers and Code Books

How to crack all the ciphers in Columbia.

As you journey through the many mind-bending alternate worlds of BioShock Infinite, you'll find various coded messages left behind by the Vox Populi rebels. These will lead you to secret areas containing useful items if Elizabeth can decipher them — and if you can solve the riddles she decodes.

Solving cryptic clues can be a pain when you're running for your life from old-timey racists ensnared in a charismatic politician's cult of personality, though, so there's no shame in wanting a little help here. On this page, we'll show you where to find all the Vox Ciphers and Code Books in BioShock Infinite, and how to solve all of the riddles found therein.

How to find Vox Ciphers and Code Books in BioShock Infinite

There are three separate Vox Cipher puzzles in BioShock Infinite, found in Soldier's Field, Finkton Proper, and Downtown Emporia, respectively.

In each one, you can find a strange cipher painted on the walls that Elizabeth can translate if you find her a Code Book in the nearby area. She'll translate it, usually into a riddle or cryptic message that you can then use to find a hidden area nearby. Sometimes there'll be a clue or prompt leading you to the Code Book's rough location, or Elizabeth will suggest a place to look.

Codes, passwords and ciphers are a running theme in all BioShock games. Infinite is no exception.

All Vox Cipher and Code Book locations in BioShock Infinite

The following shows a list of all the Vox Ciphers, Code Books, and associated puzzle solutions in BioShock Infinite for you to make use of as you encounter them:

Vox Cipher LocationCode Book LocationRiddleRiddle Solution
Soldier's Field: The Fellow Traveller's restroomsAt the Patriot's Pride building across the square, in the mouth of the cannon"Tip your hat to the Vox."Interact with the hat rack in the Fellow Traveller's restroom.
Finkton Proper: Plaza of Zeal clock shopIn the basement of the Good Time Club, in the disposal area"The broken clock tolls at midnight."Interact with the largest wall clock in the clock shop.
Downtown Emporia: Bank of the Prophet vaults, the near corpse with "Hoarder" written above it.In Hudson's Fine Clothing, next to a sink in the basement."Type three letters to solve the voice."Go back to the Cipher and interact with the desk typewriter.

Once accessed, the locked areas usually have valuable resources behind them, including money, collectibles, infusions and lockpicks for you to use, making them very worth finding.

If you want more help cracking codes in the BioShock series, we've got a BioShock 1 Door Codes List and a BioShock 2 Door Codes List you might be interested in. For other pesky locks, see also our page on how to open the locked box in the Lansdowne Residence in BioShock Infinite.

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