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BioShock 2 Door Codes List

How to open every door and what's behind them in the sequel to BioShock.

A menacing Big Daddy wields a drill-bit arm in the player's direction.
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A big part of BioShock 2 is exploration and survival, hunting around to find ammo and resources while constantly in peril. Occasionally, you'll come across a door barred by a vertical four-digit lock which you can interact with. Input the right code and you'll be granted access to a hoard of ammo, health, powers, and more that's often better than what you'll just find lying around.

Every door code in BioShock 2 can be found somewhere in Rapture, and it's a satisfying feeling when you're finally able to match up a code to the right door. But since that can be a bit of a hassle if you're in a hurry, if you read through this guide, we'll just give you the door codes, the locations of each door, and what you can find behind them.

All BioShock 2 Door Codes

Here's every door code in BioShock 2, listed alongside the location where you'll find the door in question. For ease of reference, they're presented in roughly the order you'll encounter them in the story:

  • Adonis Luxury Resort: Plasmid Therapy - 1540
  • Pauper's Drop: Fontaine Clinics - 0047
  • Siren Alley: Plaza Hedone - 1919
  • Dionysus Park: Basement Storage - 1080
  • Fontaine Futuristics: Plasmid Theater - 5254
  • Inner Persephone: Holding Wing - 2673
  • Inner Persephone: Therapy Wing - 4146

What items are behind the doors?

All the doors in BioShock 2 are worth opening, and some are even necessitated to carry on the plot, locking off essential areas until you can find your way through them. We've listed when you can expect to find below:

  • Adonis Luxury Resort: Plasmid Therapy - Audio diary (Fitness), money, drill fuel
  • Pauper's Drop: Fontaine Clinics - Story required
  • Siren Alley: Plaza Hedone - Story required
  • Dionysus Park: Basement Storage - Power to the People Station
  • Fontaine Futuristics: Plasmid Theater - Money, bandages, ammo, Gene Tonic (Careful Hacker 2)
  • Inner Persephone: Holding Wing - Story required
  • Inner Persephone: Therapy Wing - EVE hypo, money, first aid kit, ammunition

That's everything you'll need to know to be a perfect burglar in BioShock 2. Fans of the series eager to uncover every secret Rapture has to offer should be sure to check out our BioShock 1 Door Codes List, and our BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Door Codes List.

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