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BioShock 1 Door Codes List

Here’s every door code you’ll need while playing BioShock.

A Little Sister leans over the player with her syringe in hand, while a Big Daddy looms in the background.
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The first BioShock drops players into the nightmarish but beautiful city of Rapture. You’ll need to make your way through all kinds of horrid enemies, and you’ll quickly find that Rapture isn’t exactly a welcoming place. It’s a labyrinthian affair, with winding corridors and plenty of locked doors with valuable resources behind them.

You’ll need codes to get into some of those doors, which you’ll need to find hidden around the world. Or you could just check out this guide on BioShock door codes and save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Now, would you kindly check out the codes below?

All BioShock 1 Door Codes

Here's every door code in BioShock, listed alongside the location where you'll find the door in question. For ease of reference, they're presented in roughly the order you'll encounter them in the story:

  • Medical Pavillion: Twilight Fields - 0451
  • Neptune’s Bounty 1: Lower Wharf - 5380
  • Neptune’s Bounty 2: Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern - 7533
  • Arcadia: Langford Research Laboratories - 9457
  • Farmer’s Market: Main Market - 0512
  • Fort Frolic: Robertson’s Tobaccoria - 7774
  • Hephaestus: Workshops - 0126
  • Olympus Heights: Mercury Suites - 5744
  • Point Prometheus: Failsafe Armored Escorts - 1921
  • Rapture’s Grand Carnival: Challenge Room - 1951

What’s behind each door?

You’ll want to make sure you take the time to open the locked doors listed above. Each one hides something different, though there’s always something useful to be found. Here’s what’s behind each one:

  • Arcadia: Langford Research Laboratories - Access to Farmer’s Market, money
  • Farmer’s Market: Main Market - First aid kit, ammo, invention components, money
  • Fort Frolic: Robertson’s Tobaccoria - Money, Electric Buck or antipersonnel Pistol Rounds
  • Hephaestus: Workshops - Access to Power to the People station, ammo, Invention Components
  • Medical Pavillion: Twilight Fields - EVE hypo, 00 Buck, Automatic Hack Tool, Standard Auto Rounds
  • Neptune’s Bounty 1: Lower Wharf - First Aid Kit and ammo
  • Neptune’s Bounty 2: Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern - Access to Shorten Alarms Gene Tonic. Audio Diary
  • Olympus Heights: Mercury Suites - Access to Fontiane’s Apartment
  • Point Prometheus: Failsafe Armored Escorts - EVE hypo (3), Rare Ammunition, Invention Components
  • Rapture’s Grand Carnival: Challenge Room - Activates Ferris Wheel

That’s everything we have on BioShock's door codes, but if you just can't get enough of Rapture, be sure to check out our BioShock 2 Door Codes List, and our BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Door Codes List.

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